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Fun Activities to do during the Holidays

It’s been a little over two years since the first case of COVID-19 was detected in Singapore. Everyone has now adapted to wearing masks, the Safe Entry scannings, and the small groups gathering. That being said, the recent Chinese New Year holiday has ended with a huge surge in the number of confirmed cases within the community. As such, staying home may be a wiser option now, and here are some suggestions of what you can do even at home to keep your family and yourself entertained during the holidays or the weekends.

1. Art & Crafts

Get hands-on with your children at home! From helping to develop fine motor skills to encouraging a creative mindset and building resilience, art and crafts is a great opportunity to help children develop many life skills. In addition, it makes a good family bonding session as family members come together and communicate and work together to create a unique art piece. After the artwork is done, parents can also talk with their children about the artwork which can help to develop the child’s language skills.

Besides the simple art and crafts that can be done using household items, you can opt for something special at times for a different experience. There are many DIY Art and Craft kits around the market that allow you to learn a new craft and pick up a new skill. Some popular options are the terrarium kits, soap kits, and clay figurines making kit. Suitable for all ages, our kits come with all necessary materials and instruction guide, making it easy and convenient for families to interact and have fun together!

We also have thematic Art & Crafts workshops for the different Holiday seasons. For example, a Chinese Knot Workshop for Chinese New Year and a Santa Hat-making workshop for Christmas. Get started and channel your inner Picasso with our kits today!

2. Virtual Escape Room

If going hand-on is not your cup of tea, go on a virtual adventure and challenge yourselves to a Virtual Escape Room. Comes with challenging puzzles and tasks for participants to unravel, the virtual escape room requires one to put on their thinking cap and join forces as a team to solve the mystery. There are various types of escape rooms available, with different themes and difficulty levels for you to choose the most suitable theme for yourself and your family members.

As the game is completely virtual, you can play with your friends and families regardless of which country they are in. A great team-building activity, this virtual game experience is a fuss-free yet fun activity for everyone to come together and have fun!