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Lighted Balloon Stand Rental

Giant Advertising Helium Balloon, Floating Giant Advertising Balloon, LED Balls

Advertise and make your brand pop at your event with our lighted balloon! The eye-catching lighted balloon will definitely be the center of attention! From lighted tripod balloon stand, floating giant advertising balloons rental, led balloons stand to customisable.

Lighted Balloon Rental

Rental of Professional LED Lighted Balloon Stand with free customised die-cut logo sticker. The balloon stand comes with a portable and adjustable stand that can go up to 2-3m in height. The lighting can be fixed at 1 static colour or can come with multi-colour changing effect.


  • 1.2m Lighted Balloon Tripod Stand Rental - $550/piece, Sub Day $50

PROMO: 2x 1.2m Lighted Balloon Rental $888/day, Sub Day $100

  • 1.5m Lighted Balloon Tripod Stand Rental - $650/piece, $1200/2 pieces

  • 2m Lighted Balloon Tripod Stand Rental - $888/piece


c/w 2 way delivery and set-up

*Indoor and outdoor rental available with different costing

  • Price comes with complimentary custom stickers on balloon

  • Lead time 7 days in advance. The client is to provide us the logo in AI format. Sized to min. 300dpi, actual size

  • Please provide 1x power point per balloon light stand during the rental period

  • Custom digital printing requires lead time of 3 weeks in advance after confirmation

  • Please note that we will collect back every equipment provided by us after the event (including the custom printed balloon)

  • Price can be negotiated for the ordering of 2 or more balloons


Lighted Advertising Giant Helium Balloon

Rental of Professional Giant Advertising Balloon with free customised logo sticker.


  • 2m Giant Advertisement Helium Balloon Rental - $4300/piece (1 tank included)

  • 2.4m Giant Advertisement Helium Lighted Balloon Rental

  • 3m Giant Advertisement Helium Lighted Balloon Rental

c/w 2 way delivery and set-up

*Indoor and outdoor rental available with different costing

3m giant advertisement helium balloon rental

led inflatable
pillar / column

Rental of vibrant LED column. Eye-catching and emits strong presence in the room. Personalised logo sticker able to be added



LED LIGHTED CONe cylinder Rental

Rental of LED Lighted Cone Cylinder. Perfect choice for its unique design and automatic colour changing feature. ​


$350 for 4pcs

$1000 for 12pcs

1x 13amp per cone

Inclusive of 2-ways delivery & set-up

Up to 5 hours of rental

LED Balloon Ball Rental

Rental of 1m Interactive LED Balloon Ball. Eye-catching decoration for your event! Colour changes upon touch, making it fun and interactive!


4x 1m LED Balloon Ball - $800/day

​2ft x 2ft customised logo sticker at $80/ball​

Advertising lighted balloon stand!

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