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SINGAPORE PET EVENT ORGANISEr / animal friendly activity caterer

Who let the dogs out? It's us! Not only us humans need interaction, pets too. For owners who are living with their fur babies, sometimes there is the need to socialize with fellow owners to talk or just to have your pet engage with new friends and activities, or just to make special time together. There are in fact many activities that could be done to commemorate and carter this situation, from engaging with some physical prowess to cute photobooths, and we are here to provide.

Paw painting 🐾

Let your pets explore some colors! The paint is safe to be painted on their paws. Get their cute prints as something to be cherished!

Contact us for price.

pet hurdles

Just the right activity to be done planned. It is not taxing to the body, yet still very fun to do. Plus the interaction between other pets will be sure interesting, let them have fun together!

Contact us for price.

pet photobooth

Take pictures with your pet with fun decorations and props. Keep the photographs as memento! PS: don't let them bite it tho.

Contact us for price.

interested in hiring our experienced face painters?

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