Special Effects & Event Equipment Rental

*** Prices indicated below are for self-collection. Add on delivery $50/trip ***
Strobe Light Rental
  • Colorful LED strobe light 

  • 110PCS RGB LEDs 

  • Colors changing, mixing and strobe 

  • Ultra bright LED that reacts rhythmically to music

  • Auto and sound control 

  • Adjustable strobe speed.

  • A MUST have lighting rental for DISCO Kids Party


Rental up to 3 hours
Commercial Strobe Light Rental


  • Powerful Strong LED strobe light 

  • Colors Changing, mixing and strobe control setting

  • Adjustable strobe speed

  • Able to set 1 colour opt

  • A MUST have lighting rental for DISCO Kids Party
    *Commercial Strobe Light
    (Able to control the lights colour)


Rental up to 3 hours 


Laser Rental

Green & red laser lighting that will make any event more unique. Reacts rhymically to your music too!  So break out the leisure suit and get your groove on! Rent a party lasers machine with us!


Rental up to 3 hours




Fog Machine Rental

Classic fog machine aka smoke machine rental. Best coupled with Laser and strobe lighting for maximum effect! Smoky ambience can hip the dance floor well by our smoke machine rental. A MUST have for DISCO Kids Party.



Rental up to 3 hours


*Higher watt Smoke Machine
$70 is 600w
$100 is 1000w
$150 is c/w built in red for red smoke/ twin smoke tube for effect


Bubble Machine

Bubble machine is always popular and wanted by all ladies and girls in their kids party. Create an ultimate effect with all others machines or bubble party! Link up to 4 bubble machines for DISCO party!


Rental up to 3 hours


c/w 500ml liquid to last you 30-45 mins 

Additional bottle $50



Square Commercial
Strobe Light


  • Powerful Strong LED strobe light 

  • Colors Changing, mixing and strobe control setting

  • Ultra bright LEDs that reacts rhythemically to music

  • A MUST have lighting rental for DISCO Kids Party
    *Commercial Strobe Light


Rental up to 3 hours 


Commercial Strobe 200 LED
  • WHITE LED strobe light 

  • DMX Input

  • Speed for strobe blinking

  • Good for Stage area usage


Rental up to 3 hours
Mirror Ball

Having a small disco party? Then decorate with our Disco Ball, a disco-style mirror ball with crack-resistant mirror tiles that reflect ambient light or the directed beams of spotlights. Hang it yourself at any spot with the keyhole above the ball.

60cm Mirror Ball Rental / 1m mirror ball TBA

Rental up to 3 hours




Snow Machine Rental

It can be use to create a snowing effect in Singapore! It's using bubble liquid to form small parts of foams to showcase a tiny snowing effects.


  • Snow Machine

  • Remote with controlling size of snows

  • 500 ml of liquids

Rental up to 3 hours 


c/w 500ml liquid for up to 5 mins activation usage

Additional bottle $100

Low Fog Machine

​Low lying fog machine to produce ground fog. Perfect for grand entrances such as weddings!

High Powered 3000W

Require ice cubes

Rental up to 3 hours
Megaphone Rental Singapore


Loud Speaker Mega Phone with recording and replay function


Rental up to 3 hours



 Portable Tent


3 X 3 metres tent, perfect for an outdoor birthday party, pool party or even a picnic! It can be build side by side to form a large shelter for your guests. A good DIY portable tent available for rental anytime


*Commercial Tentage $100

(Set up $50/tent)

Rental up to 3 hours
$70* DIY Self Set Up
Portable Air Conditional Rental 


  • 12k BTU

  • Portable Air Con for rent

Rental up to 6 hours



  • 3 days - $130

  • 1 month - $320


LED Disco Light
Adjustable diff tone lighting
  • Colorful LED strobe light 

  • Colors changing, mixing and polka dots

  • Auto motion moving light

  • Adjustable design choices

  • A MUST have lighting rental for DISCO Kids Party


Rental up to 3 hours
$70 (PROMO with min 2 order)
Rental up to 3 hours $100
Portable 12" Spk Sound System
  • 400W Speaker

  • 1x Wireless Microphone

  • USB, Radio, Bluetooth

  • Rechargeable Portable Sound System with many Functions


Able to use in Roadshow

Rental up to 4 hours
Portable Projector & Screen Rental

  • Epson Projector

  • Portable Screen

  • 100 inch (2.14m x 1.18m)

  • 120 inch (2.4m x 1.8m)

  • Suitable for slides presentation, party movie screening

  • Set up & Tear Down

  • 2 way delivery

Rental up to 4 hours 


Wireless Headset Microphone

  • 1x Receiver

  • 2x Headset Mic


Rental up to 6 hours 


Professional Sound System
  • 1 lot DJ Console

  • 2x Professional Loud Speaker
    1x Yamaha Pro Mixer board 12 Channel

  • 1x Pro Power Amplifier 

  • 1x Denon DN 4500 2 Deck CD Player

  • 2x UHF Wireless Mic

Rental up to 4 hours $450-750

Confetti Blower Rental

A strong and powerful blower to create the effect of confetti flying around at high area by the confetti blower rental.


  • Confetti Blower

  • Wireless Remote

  • 1 Brick of Confetti Subjected


Rental up to 3 hours 


Customised Launch Mechanism

  • Iball / Mirra Ball 

  • LED Robotic Launching

  • Lighted Panel Opening

  • Curtain Opening

  • Drum Opening

  • Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 

  • Laser Show Opening


Email us your idea or budget for us to advise you!

Fairy Light Rental & White Tree Rental

  • Fairy light rental by metre exclude set up

  • 1.2/1.8m White Tree Rental / w lights

  • Prices subjected to set up

Kids Square Table & Round Chairs Rental

  • 4 tables & 16 white chairs 

  • Rental at $250 4 tables & 16 chairs delivery

  • Add 1 table 4 chairs $50

Sub days at 30%/day

Portable Adult table 4x2ft $25

Portable Adult table w skirting 4x2ft $35

*Min Spending of $100

    (Cap at 10 tables 40 chairs)

Rent Sky Dancer
Dancing Tube 
  • 5m Red/Green/Yellow

  • 1x 13amp / dancing tub


4x Sky Dancer Rental: $$350 

6x Dancing Tubes Rental: $480-$650

Inclusive of 2 way delivery & set up

LED Lighted  Cone Cylinder Rental

  • Colors change automatically

  • LED Lighted Cones Rent

  • 1x 13 amp each cone


4 Lighted Cones: $350 for 5 hours

inclusive of 2 way delivery & set up

12 Lighted cones Rental

$1000 for 5 hours

Christmas Tree Rental

  • 5-6ft Christmas tree rental

  • 14-15 ft xmas tree rental

  • 14 Ft Xmas Tree w deco $2000-3000


Nov & Dec Season available  Christmas Tree for Rent Singapore


Road Distance Traffic Cone Rental

  • $5-20/unit

  • 20 Units w delivery $250

  • Refundable deposit

  • Self Collection

  • 2 way Delivery $100

Portable Platform Stage Rental

Each portable wooden platform stage

  •  4ft x 4ft per block

  • 1ft HT

  • Connectable to 4 pcs

  • Delivery $100/Trip

  • $100/pc


Rental per block $75 

Min 4 pcs for Self Collection ONLY

Red Carpets for Sale & Rent


Sell Event Red Carpets Singapore


10m - $120

100m - $550

Customise size & sale available! Event Carpet Set up for Roadshows or installing exhibition carpets

Promotion Counter Rental


Registration Counter or Promo Counter for event rental


Rental up to 3 hours 



Customise Light Decorations


Mood lighting, LED lighting cones, smoke effects & lasers on stage is all possible!


Drop us email with details

*Effects cost does not include delivery and set-up cost of $50 per trip, waived if items ordered are for self collection.

Party ending after 10PM will incurred odd hour sur-charges. 

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? 

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