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One of the best Virtual Event Platform to host your next Virtual Family Day, Virtual Dinner and Dance or Virtual Conference Event! With our interactive online event platform, gather your audience in one single place conveniently without the need to download any additional software. We are able to integrate any application and tools into this virtual event platform, making it extremely convenient for all. Apart from the main stage, you can also have multiple rooms for participants to interact and network.


Virtual Event Platform Singapore

✓ Video First: Encrypted Video Conferencing On Demand​

✓ Customisations​: Style Interchange To Match Your Brand Guidelines​

✓ 3rd Party Apps​: Embed Web Apps Onto Your Interchange

​​✓ Multiple Rooms​: ​Create Your Rooms And Let Your Attendees Do The Rest

✓ All-in-one event platform optimized for connecting

More than just live streaming

A highly engaging and interactive virtual event can be created easily with our easy-to-use platform. Other than just providing live streaming of the main stage, multiple events can also be held concurrently in separate rooms based on your requirements. We can also include interactive features such as polling, virtual photo booth or photo mosaic!

  • ​​Run Multiple Activities Concurrently On One Platform​

  • ​Embed Custom Web Apps To Your Interchange​

  • ​Live Streams, On Demand Videos, ECommerce And More​

Freedom to interact

Participants do not have to be "granted permission" to move to different rooms and can easily access the different activities available on the platform. Be it moving around different breakout rooms or chatting with any participant, all these can be done without waiting for the host to do so.

  • Come And Go As You Please (As Long As You’re Authorised)​

  • Host-Independent Platform​

  • ​One-To-One Or Many-To-Many Video Calls, It’s Up To You​

Always-on Cloud Technology

With the platform hosted on the cloud, it can be accessed any time of the day without the event host. Even if the host's connection is poor, it will not affect the participants' experience.

  • ​Hosted On Google Cloud Servers​

  • ​>= 99.99% Server Uptime Guarantee​​

  • ​No Event Host Required, Start Whenever You Want

Video Conferencing

The platform focuses on video conferencing, allowing you to network in real time. With the video conferencing feature, you can easily communicate with your friends while enjoying the event at the same time.

  • ​Encrypted Video Calls

  • ​No Software Installation Required​

  • ​You’re In Full Control Of What Others See And Hear​

Why Our Platform?

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