Virtual Family Day Singapore

Spend quality time with your family and colleagues through our Virtual Family Day! We can help you plan the programme that suits both adults and children and keep them entertained throughout the event. Not sure where to begin? Drop us an email and we will be glad to provide you with some ideas!

Virtual Family Day


Virtual Family Day is now possible with JNR! If you are looking to engage your staff and gather them together for some fun, look no further! With our Virtual Family Day, your team can get together for a few hours of fun and games. From interactive games, wonderful performances and even exciting lucky draws, the program is sure to keep your team engaged!

  • Suitable for organizations planning events for staff to bond

  • Festive celebrations e.g. Christmas, Chinese New Year, etc.

  • Will be in the style of a video conference or live stream, depending on the type of event

  • Can deliver goodie bags/ meals and necessary materials to participants' doorstep

Live Streaming Broadcast

To bring your event live online, we can help you with the live streaming. From a basic live streaming set-up which includes basic audio system, live streaming video camera and operator, encoder and streaming operator, your event can now be broadcasted online! Choose from streaming live from your venue, our JNR Studio, or take a step further and rent our professional studio for the best effect!

Professional Emcee Services

To keep the program going and keep all the audience entertained, you need a master of ceremony/ emcee to control and lead the event. With our range of professional emcees available for selection, there will certainly be one that fits your event! Some of the emcees even have their own customised games that will help to keep your audience entertained.

Virtual Performances

Performances are a must for your Virtual Family Days! Be it a live band performance, an entrancing dance routine, or an interactive magic show, these performances will be the highlight of your event and keep your audience entertained. Even though the performance is being streamed online, your audience will still feel the same level of entertainment.

Interactive Activities

To make the event more exciting, we can include activities and games such as Trivia Quiz, Scavenger Hunt, and what the audience looks forward to the most - Lucky Draws with exciting prizes to be won! If you are looking at including team bonding activities in your Virtual Family day, why not consider our interactive Virtual Escape Room experience, which is a great add-on to your event!


Virtual Escape Rooms are a must for your Virtual Family Days! Be it Amazing Race, an Fun Around The World Food Hunt, or an interactive Virtual Escape Room, these virtual mass activities will be the highlight of your event and keep your audience engaged. Even though the games is being streamed online, your audience will still feel the same level of entertainment.


To make the event more engaging, we can include fringe activities such as DIY workshops to be courier to their doorsteps. Fret not, we had delivery over thousands parcel in a single event. What the audience looks forward to the most interesting workshops to keep them entertain! This is a great add-on to your virtual event always! We has ranging from tote bag painting, terrarium, animal wool workshop, robotic science/crafts, slimes making and more! 

Plan a virtual family day with us!


A highly engaging and interactive virtual event can be created easily with our easy-to-use platform. Other than just providing live streaming of the main stage, multiple events can also be held concurrently in separate rooms based on your requirements. We can also include interactive features such as polling, virtual photo booth or photo mosaic!