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casino game table rental

Roulette • Sic Bo • Black Jack • Texas Poker

With our casino game table rental, we are able to make any room feel like a casino! Create the popular casino-themed party at the comfort of your own venue! We have the latest mobile Roulette Table Rental, Poker Table Rental, Da Xiao Table Rental in-house. Perfect for your company's events such as Dinner & Dance, Happy Hour at the office and networking sessions!

casino table rental singapore roulette table sic bo blackjack texas poker casino dealer

Casino Table Rental

Roulette Table, Sic Bo, Black Jack, Texas Poker

​Casino Table Rental
  • Professional Casino Table Rental

  • Casino Dealer

  • Transportation, Set-up, Dismantling & Teardown

  • Optional: Casino Chips - Rental of different types of chips: $0.15-0.5/chip

Estimated 10 chips per pax and prices vary from the quantity ordered

We have basic token chips and high-end casino grade chips available


Casino Gambling Games:

Roulette, Sic Bo (Da Xiao), Black Jack, Texas Holdem Poker & more...



XL Roulette Table - $988 First 2 Hrs, Sub $100/h 

Sic Bo (Da Xiao) - $888 First 2 Hrs, Sub $100/h

Black Jack, Texas Holdem Poker - $788 First 2 Hrs, Sub $100/h

casino events in singapore rules regulations

Rules for conducting

casino events locally

  1. No real money must be involved in the stakes or outcomes of the gaming activity

  2. No direct cash/cheques as prizes

  3. All gaming activities are strictly for fun & entertainment only

casino themed events dinner and dance casino table rental

Themed Events with our casino table rental!

  • Casino Night

  • Monte Carlo Night

  • Casino Royal

  • Poker Night

  • Las Vegas Casino Night

  • Poker Tournaments

Have your own casino-themed party!

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