Best Balloon Sculpting Singapore

Balloon Sculpting (also known as balloon twisting) is an awesome way to entertain children at a kid's birthday party or an outdoor event. Our balloon sculptor is able to create a multitude of beautiful balloon sculptures, and every guest is able to get their personalised balloon sculptures as a gift and bring it home as a cherished souvenir! Balloon sculpting is one of the most sought after entertainment for children and adults alike.

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Our Top Best Balloon Sculpting Service is strong for luring crowds to queue for balloon sculptures in Singapore! One of the must-have activity in many events to keep the participants

highly entertained!

Our balloon sculptors are professionally trained and we attend many events every weekend to twist beautiful balloons for people; this is nothing new to us! 

Not only that, but Singapore Best Balloon Sculpting Services is now made AFFORDABLE by us for you!

Get the best balloon sculpting services in Singapore with us!


Standard balloon sculpting

Let your kids or yourselves bring home beautifully-made balloons such as flower,

sword and poodle!

First hour Standard Balloon Sculpting rate: (UP: $150)

$125 (PROMO: $100)

Additional hour at $100

HOT PROMOTION for 2.5 hours balloon sculpting at $250!

Advance Balloon Sculpting

Ever think if it's possible to add a little dog to your heart-shaped balloon? Ask for a cool and interesting balloon from our balloon sculptor!

First Hour Advance Balloon Sculpting rate:

$150 (UP: $200)

Additional hour at $130

Interactive advance balloon sculpting

Want someone to engage with your audience while wowing them with the cool and beautiful balloons? Get this Interactive Advance Balloon Sculpting Service from us and have our friendly balloon sculptor do just that!

First Hour Interactive Balloon Sculpting rate:

$180 (UP: $250)

Additional hour at $150

Chrome balloon sculpting services

Impress your guest with our colourful chrome balloons sculptures in your event to create a unique experience!

First Hour Chrome Balloon Sculpting rate:

$180 (UP: $250)

Additional hour at $150

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*If you want our 'STAR' balloon artist guaranteed for your balloon sculpting service, an additional $30 appointed fee is required.

Best balloon sculpting service in Singapore!