caricature service

Our caricature artists are able to draw funny and cute caricature drawings and portraits of your guests. Each guest is able to get their personalised cartoon drawing as a gift and bring it home as a cherished souvenir!

caricature service singapore best artist cheap

Best Caricature Service 

Caricature First Hour - $200 (PROMO: $180)

Additional hour at $150
Limited period only! 3 hours at $450

* Rates are negotiable for more than 5 hour

Caricature service singapore

caricature service singapore best artist cheap

The caricature is another awesome way to entertain your guests at a kid's birthday party or an outdoor event where our professional caricaturist can draw funny and cartoon- cute faces for your guests. 

A good souvenir for your guests, we can customise it to your theme too to make it a more unique piece! 

Get this service and see for yourself why the adults are also queuing up for them! This is certainly one of the most sought after entertainment in Singapore!

caricature service singapore best artist cheap

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Pre-drawn Caricature 

Get a cute personalised drawing!