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customized balloon / inflatables


gate, arch, cone, character, mascot, skydancer

Elevate your brand presence with JNR's dynamic range of customizable inflatables. Our personalized options are crafted to transform your brand into the star of any event. We go beyond delivering exceptional products to providing imaginative concepts that seamlessly align with your brand essence. Envision remarkable gates, enchanting snowglobes, and exclusive designs that not only illuminate but also amplify your brand identity at every gathering. Ensure your brand effortlessly stands out, as JNR guarantees your spotlight moment, creating lasting impressions at events like Races, Grand Openings, Festivals, and beyond. Elevate your occasions with our top-tier inflatables and groundbreaking ideas – because your brand deserves to shine brighter than ever!


BALLOON GATE / inflatable arch (customizeable)

Discover the versatile possibilities of our Balloon Gate, also can be referred as Inflatable Arch, designed to expertly mark Start and Finish Lines, smoothly transition events, and elevate promotional activities. Offering generous space for impactful branding, sponsorships, and product displays, these balloons are an impeccable choice for Races, Marathons, Sponsorship campaigns, Festivals, Concerts, and Grand Openings. Personalize your Balloon Gate with captivating images, logos, and concise messages, ensuring a memorable and impactful presence at every event.

Available in:

Angular Edge Shape, Archway Shape


lighted cone balloon / tush inflatables (customizable)

Illuminate your events with our customizable Lighted Balloon – a radiant fusion of light and LED color. Perfect for a spectrum of events, especially outdoors – from exhibitions and product launches to enchanting wedding and birthday decorations. The shape of the cone balloon / tush inflatables itself is unique to make sure that it sparks people's attention and curiosity. Make every moment shine with our customizable Lighted Balloons, adding a touch of brilliance that ensures your event stands out effortlessly.

Add a personalized touch to your celebrations by imprinting your branding or logo on the body of the balloon!

Check our ready lighted balloon rental here:


custom INFLATABLE / BALLOON character

Elevate your brand presence with our Custom Inflatable Balloon Characters – unique inflatables that bring your brand to life. These advertising balloons take the form of characters or product packaging shapes, allowing you to showcase your brand in an innovative and memorable way. Perfect for events, exhibitions, product launches, seminars, and various occasions, these air-filled balloons filled with gas not only capture attention but also create an engaging brand experience. Personalize your Custom Inflatable Balloon Characters with captivating images, logos, and concise messages to ensure a lasting and impactful presence at every event. Let your brand's story unfold in the most creative and dynamic way with these customized inflatables.


CUSTOM wearable MASCOT suit / DOLL costume

Unleash the enchantment of our Custom Wearable Mascots Suit, battery-charged for comfortable use, and now widely embraced for various events. Perfectly popular in the event scene, our mascots are crafted with precision and utilize high-quality materials, available in two options: Parasit and plush doll material. Embrace the versatility as we tailor the shape and character of the balloon according to your preferences. Whether it's for races, marathons, sponsorship campaigns, festivals, concerts, or grand openings, these lively inflatables add a touch of animated charm to any occasion. Elevate your brand's presence with meticulously crafted mascots that captivate and delight, leaving a lasting and memorable impression at every event.

Material available in:
Parasit, Plush Doll


advertising Sky Dancer

Introducing our Air Dancer Inflatable, effortlessly portable and installed within minutes. The Sky Dancer or Dancing Tube operates with a vortex motor, sending a continuous stream of air into the tapered balloon, creating a captivating dance that effortlessly draws attention. Perfect for events, exhibitions, and promotions, let the Sky Dancer sway and move freely, creating a dynamic visual spectacle that commands attention. Elevate your brand's visibility with this easy-to-install, attention-grabbing advertising sky dancer inflatable that adds flair to any occasion.


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