Virtual Exhibition Singapore

Virtual Event Platform

Host a Virtual Exhibition or Virtual Event with us! Be it an exhibition, fair or expo, we can make use of our all-in-one virtual event platform to help you host your virtual event. From a captivating customised lobby to the main auditorium and individual exhibition booths, your audience will be able to interact with you virtually.

Virtual Exhibition Virtual Event Platform


Roadshows are often done to raise brand awareness and increase product knowledge. Though we are unable to hold a physical roadshow in the coming months, you can still showcase your products or services and interact with your potential customers, all digitally. You can even have a virtual 3D booth, that stimulates the physical environment, for a better experience!

  • Display booths can showcase the company's information such as e-brochures, posters and videos 

  • Attendees can network with each other and speak to the respective exhibitor of the booth

  • Add on of webinars or conferences for speakers to present the relevant topics 

To register for the virtual event, participants can simply access the unique website domain and fill in their details. The registration form can be customised according to the information that you want to collect.

Online Registration

Secured Platform

Your virtual event can be set to private to prevent unauthorised access. With password protection, only those who have the link and password can view the event. Only registered participants can log on to the platform and attend the virtual event.

The virtual lobby can be customised to include 3D elements and animations, making it a realistic experience for your audience. The landing page with clear navigations will definitely deliver a great first impression to your guests, making them feel welcomed to the event.


Main Auditorium

At the main auditorium, we can embed a live webinar link from Zoom or other meeting platforms for your audience to attend the live session easily. There will also be Q&A as well as polling functions available for increased interactivity.

We can have an array of customised exhibition booths that include interactive elements such as photos, brochures, video and social links, etc. Participants will be able to navigate to different booths easily and interact with the exhibiting vendors.

Exhibition Booths

Post Event Reports

Post-event data reports can be generated easily and will cover areas such as the number of participants logged in, the time they spent on the system, the poll results, as well as the feedback from the attendees. With these statistics, you can have a rough gauge on how well the event went and the areas of improvement for future virtual events.

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