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Best Virtual Event Planner & VIRTUAL Event Organiser

Digital Online Event Management Company Singapore

Best virtual event company in Singapore that can create an entirely virtual or even a hybrid event experience for you! We can now bring the physical event experience online, and the audience can participate in the comfort of their own homes. Regardless if it is a virtual conference meeting, promoting your products online, or even a virtual dinner and dance or family day, all types of events can go digital and be held online. We are a professional virtual event organiser that can help you go into the digital world!

Not sure where to begin? Drop us an email with your requirements and we will be able to advise you accordingly with the most suitable virtual event package!

Online Virtual Event Management COMPANY Singapore

virtual event online digital event singapore

Anywhere is possible

virtual event online digital event singapore

Interactive Session

virtual event online digital event singapore

Larger audience

virtual event online digital event singapore

Comfort of own homes

TYPES OF VIRTUAL EVENTS & Hybrid Event Experience

There are different types of possible virtual events but do you know what's most suitable for your event? Perhaps a webinar or virtual conference? Is it an internal or external event? You can start off by thinking about the objective of the event, the duration of the event, the number of participants, and the type of communication before deciding on the type of virtual event you wish to hold.

This way, you are on your way to hosting your next best virtual event! 


If you are looking to engage your staff and gather them together for some fun, look no further! With our Virtual Family Day, your team can get together for a few hours of fun and games. From interactive games, wonderful performances and even exciting lucky draws, the program is sure to keep your team engaged!

  • Suitable for organizations planning events for staff to bond

  • Virtual Family Day, Bring Kids to Work Day

  • Festive celebrations e.g. Christmas, Chinese New Year, etc.

  • Will be in the style of a video conference or live stream, depending on the type of event

  • Can deliver goodie bags/ meals and necessary materials to participants' doorstep

Virtual Dinner and Dance/Virtual award NIGHT/ virtual celebration 

Host virtual events such as Virtual Dinner & Dance and Virtual Award Ceremony to boost the morale of the staff in the organisation. Enjoy exciting performances streamed live or have some fun together with the different interesting activities planned, all at the comfort of the attendees' homes! 

  • Suitable for organizations planning events for staff to bond

  • Will be in the style of a video conference or live stream, depending on the type of event

  • Can deliver dinner or awards and necessary materials to participants' doorstep

Online Community Events and Celebrations

RC/CCs can also look forward to planning their community celebrations online! With themed performances and activities, the program can be customised to suit your events. With just a simple set-up, we can make it a cost-friendly yet wonderful event.

  • Festive celebrations e.g. Deepavali, Christmas, Chinese New Year, etc.

  • Will be in the style of a video conference or live stream, depending on the type of event

Online Virtual Teambuilding & virtual employee engagement

Have been working from home? Have an online teambuilding session to let the team re-connect with one another while having fun either through games or workshops! Our virtual teambuilding session allows for communication between the team members, which is a perfect opportunity to boost the team's morale and encourage the team in the midst of working from home. 

  • Suitable for different number of participants

  • Will be in the style of a video conference with our facilitator

  • Can deliver necessary materials to participants' doorstep

  • Popular virtual teambuilding activities include Virtual Escape Room and Virtual Amazing Race!

  • Virtual Workshops popular for both kids and adults can also be done!

Webinar Events / Symposium event / industry talks / virtual mice

For digital webinars, they are perfect for smaller groups, where the communication is from one to many. It allows the speaker to communicate to the audience and also allows for real-time feedback and questions. The controlled environment is perfect for the speaker to have control over Q&A and discussions. Participants can also engage and interact with other participants through the live chat.

  • Suitable for classes and workshops

  • RSVP, Website, Speakers, Recording, Webinar events

  • Can be in the style of a video conference or live stream

Symposium: Best of Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer (MASCC) Singapore 2021 - Links: 

VIRTUAL Web Conferences/ VIRTUAL Annual General Meetings (AGM)

Web conferences allow for communication between all participants through live streaming, screen sharing and live chats, where the communication is from many to many. Virtual conferences allow attendees to view keynotes in real-time, build their own agenda from relevant, on-demand content, and interact with other attendees. Comes with an online registration/ RSVP system where attendees will be provided with a unique login ID. In addition, live Q&A session and live polling can be included as well.

  • Suitable for cases where there are a panelist of speakers

  • Can be in the style of a video conference or live stream, depending on the number of attendees

  • Can then break into smaller groups for webinars or discussions

Virtual Roadshows/ Digital 3d Exhibition platform

Roadshows are often done to raise brand awareness and increase product knowledge. Though we are unable to hold a physical roadshow in the coming months, you can still showcase your products or services and interact with your potential customers, all digitally. You can even have a virtual 3D booth, that stimulates the physical environment, for a better experience!

  • Display booths can showcase the company's information such as e-brochures, posters and videos 

  • Attendees can network with each other and speak to the respective exhibitor of the booth

  • Add on of webinars or conferences for speakers to present the relevant topics 

How to host a virtual event?

We will help you with the pre, on-site and post-event planning to ensure that the whole journey is a smooth sailing one for you! A range of customisable virtual solutions and services available to help you deliver a meaningful event experience. Speak to us today and find out more!


during EVENT


Start the virtual event right with an invitation! We will send the targetted participants an email invitation before the event for them to register. Upon registration, a confirmation email will be sent out to the participants along with the event details and all other information. For events with a limited number of attendees, we can send a reject email as well. A reminder email will also be sent out near the event to remind your audience about the event. With our registration system, you can better customise and manage the invitation and registration.

Looking for something customised? You can consider having a customised domain just for your event, for your participants to register for the event with their details.

virtual event online digital event singapore



virtual event online digital event singapore



virtual event online digital event singapore




Your virtual event can be set to private to prevent unauthorized access. With password protection, only those who have the link and password can view the event. For events or organisations that need tighter security controls, a unique virtual platform login link can be embedded in the confirmation email for each attendee, and this link will only allow for log in on one device. 

privacy security virtual event singapore


during EVENT


Though virtual events do have certain limitations that a physical event doesn't, there are still some elements you can include in your event to keep your audience engaged. For example, having a live Q&A session, live polling and virtual networking session would actually involve the attendees, keeping them engaged. In addition, our technical support will be with you through the session to assist during technical difficulties as well as ensure smoother execution of the event.

interactive activities digital event virtual event



multimedia library digital event virtual event



live q&a digital event virtual event


presentation digital event virtual event


live poll digital event virtual event


virtual networking digital event virtual event



live chat digital event virtual event


feedback digital event virtual event



during EVENT


After the event has ended, there will be detailed statistics for you to measure the impact of your event. The type of statistics will differ depending on the type of event. For example, the post-event data report for a webinar will cover areas such as the number of participants logged in, the time they spent on the system, the poll results, as well as the feedback from the attendees. With these statistics, you can have a rough gauge on how well the event went and the areas of improvement for future virtual events.

post event report statistics aar digital event virtual event

Plan an online event now! Let's go digital!

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