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2024 Tentage Rental Singapore

Cheap tentage rental in Singapore - we are one of the best tentage suppliers in Singapore with the best rates! Ranging from slope tentage, dome tentage, marquee tentage and even gazebo tentage, we've got you covered! We also provide event logistics rentals - such as stage rental, tables, chairs, air coolers and even generators and power points! Our team of trained staff is able to set-up and teardown efficiently within your desired timeframe in the safest manner!

Tentage rental for your big and small events islandwide in Singapore! Affordable tentage for your corporate and leisure events such as exhibitions, roadshows, family days, carnivals, outdoor concerts and more! Let us know your logistics requirements and specifications and we can give you a free quotation with no obligation! Best Price Guaranteed - if you have any quotes, you can use our Price Matching Scheme and we will try to match the rates! *Terms & Conditions Apply

Pulau Ubin

Appointed Vendor for island's

Event Logistics & Event Support



Awarded for Vital DA of Event Company for whole government agencies of Singapore and participating entities


People's Association

Appointed Vendor for Demand Aggregation Tender - Rental of Tentage Services and Logistics


BEST CLEAN Tentage Rental Singapore

Affordable variety of tentages for you to choose from - slope, a-frame, dome, and even gazebo! We are a reputable tentage logistics company that has years of experience to provide you with the perfect solutions. Be it for your leisure or corporate events, JNR Entertainment can supply the best type of tentage rental for you. Let us help you meet your event logistics requirements!

Slope Tentage Rental Singapore
Slope Tent Rental Walkway Tentage

Slope tent can be used beside a building as an extended walkway. It can also act as a mini shelter if a full coverage tentage rental is out of your budget.

Single sloping tentage rental are often found at Pasar Malams and are one of the most common types of tents! They are also commonly used for receptions and registration booths.

vip viewing tent 2 tier stage Customise Tentage Rental Singapore
2 Tier Viewing Tent Rental

2 tier viewing tent which comes with a platform and single sloping tent.


The platform set-up provides your VIP an exclusive view of the stage under the temporary shelter.


Suitable for large-scale events expecting over thousands of guests!

Inner Tentage Lining Rental Singapore
Tentage Inner Lining

*Only available as add-on to our tentage rental

Tentage lining is used to beautify the interior of the tentage by concealing the underlying metal structures and cables.


The inner lining/ ceiling lining helps to create a grand effect for your event as the fabric drapes from the tent's top.

A shape frame Tentage Rental Singapore
A-Frame / A Shape Tentage Rental

Triangular roof resembling the alphabet 'A', which is a classic for all events as it is more budget-friendly! Simple and functional, it is also suitable to house large crowds!

A shaped tentages rental are popular for school and public/ corporate usage. They are also perfect as logistical storage or as additional temporary shelters.


Sizes in multiples of 2, from 10ft onwards

*Advisable for every 20ft to have 1 fan & 2 lights

Customise Tentage Rental Singapore
Customised A Shape Tentage Rental

We are able to customise different designs such as the airplane shape tentage design (the combination of dome and slope tent)!

A combination of A-Shape tent, slope tent and dome tentage rental is possible!


Drop us an email with your requirements!

Rain Cover Rain Curtain Tentage Rental Singapore
Rain Cover /
Rain Curtain

*Only available as add-on to our tentage rental

Rain covers can be added to your tentage to help prevent rain from pouring in.


A great wet-weather plan to stop the rain from ruining your event!

Dome Tentage Rental Singapore
Dome Tentage Rental

Dome tent is a semi-round marquee which can create a different and unique display of the event.


It may be slightly more costly than the rest, but the visual display will make your event look much grander!

Dome tentages rental are often used for grand ceremonies, product launches, or large-scale parties and event.


Customised sizes available for dome tentage rental

From 20/30/40/50/60ft

Transparent A Frame Tent Rental tentage rental singapore
Transparent Tentage Rental

Transparent tentage with transparent canvas all around the standard slope/ A shape/ dome tent.


Perfect for events held at venues with beautiful scenery! With the transparent canvas, you can admire the beautiful skyline.

With additional bistro lights and fairy lights, an enchanting under-the-stars effect can be created too!

permits licenses tentage rental singapore
Permits and Licenses

*For long term rental of more than 2 months

We can help to obtain all necessary permits and licenses such as Professional Engineer (PE) endorsement, BCA permit application, lightning arrestor installation and LEW. This includes lightning protection and EMA licences for electrical generators.

Gazebo 10x10ft Tentage Rental.jpg
Gazebo Tentage Rental

Gazebo tent is also known as a marquee tent or outdoor canopy tent.


They are often used for single booth set-ups and helps to create a carnival theme for your event! The perfect standalone tents for your event.

Compared to the portable gazebo tentage, this gazebo tent rental is more sturdy and suitable for outdoor usages.


10ft x 10ft

20ft x 20ft

c/w white canvas top

Portable Gazebo Tentage Rental Singapore
Portable Tentage Rental

3m x 3m portable tentage available for rental. This portable tentage is suitable for you to set up yourself in your own homes/ venues.


Perfect set-up for your outdoor parties, picnics and small events!


$70/unit for rental up to 3 hours

Does not include set-up


jnr entertainment tentage rental event management company

JNR Entertainment is one of the leading tentage rental companies in Singapore. With almost 10 years of experience in the industry, we have served many events providing event tentage rental and logistics.

We are honoured to have worked with some major corporate clients including National Parks Board, People's Association and Ministry of Defence. Leave your event logistics to us, and we will help you make it the best event yet!


jnr entertainment tentage rental event management company

We strive to provide the clean best quality products for your event. Be it tentage, tables, chairs or any other logistics, rest assured that the items provided will be in good working quality and condition!

With our experienced team, we will also ensure that the set-up will be done in the safest and most secure manner. The quality and safety of the products rented should be the least of your concerns!


jnr entertainment tentage rental event management company

Contact our friendly Tentage Sale Executives to assist you with your event requirements. Let us know what you are looking for and we will come up with something that suits your needs and budget!

We strive to provide the best service to our private and corporate clients alike!


jnr entertainment tentage rental event management company

If you have a last-minute logistics requirement, look for us to provide you with the equipment you need! With our wide inventory of items, we are able to serve you and your event in a short notice period.

We are also able to turn around fast and effectively, providing you with the set-up and teardown in the most efficient manner!

Hire Event Logistics Rental

Table and chair rental essential for any event in Singapore! Large selection of tables and chairs to suit your formal or leisure events - simply let us know your requirements. Apart from providing event furniture for rental, accessories such as generator and power point, lights and fans for your tentages and even the rental of portable showers and toilets are available. Enquire with us and let us know your requirements!

Rent Table with Blue Skirting Tentage Rental Singapore
Table Rental

Range of tables of different shapes and sizes. From square, rectangle to round tables, we have something suitable for you! Dress up your tables with different cloths or skirting to create a different look!


3ft square

2ft x 4ft rectangular

3ft to 6ft round

c/w wooden top with metal joint legs

Option for table cloth/skirting/spandex cover

Colours: Red/White/Blue

chair rental singapore pvc chair cushion chair bar stool tiffany chair tables and chairs rental singapore
Chair Rental

From PVC chairs, cushion chairs, bar stools, tiffany chairs, to aluminium chairs, the different combinations and options can suit your event!


PVC Chair: Red/White/Blue

Cushion Chair: Blue

Bar Stools: White/Black

Tiffany Chairs: Gold/White

Customised Backdrop at Event Singapore
Customised Backdrop

A backdrop makes your event theme recognisable! Cheap event stage backdrop with customised design. Comes with print and installation, suitable for all types of event.

Width available: 12ft, 16ft,18ft, 20ft, 24ft

Recommended height: 8ft - 10ft

Check out more on our backdrop page! We also provide LED video wall backdrop!

Generator and power point plug Tentage Rental Singapore
Power Generator and DB Box

For your venues without power, we provide generators of different power - 25/ 45/ 60/ 90/ 150KVA.

DB boxes are used to tap electricity from the power generator, which then directs the power to various power points.

Can come with fencing, fire extinguisher, wiring and oil tray.

Table and chair rental Tentage Rental Singapore
Round Table

You can turn any venue into a banquet dining area easily with our round tables and cushion chairs! With the table skirtings, the venue can be glammed up instantly!


3ft to 6ft round

c/w wooden top with metal joint legs

Option for table cloth/skirting

Colours: Red/White/Blue

Rent Garden pvc chair Tentage Rental Singapore
Garden PVC Chair Rental

Simple PVC chairs, the necessity for your events!

Option to add-on seat covers at additional cost.


Colours: Red/White/Blue


50cm x 50cm

Height: 79cm

Fairy Lights_edited.jpg
Lights / Lighting Rental

Lights are essential if your event is held in the evening. Our standard tentage comes with 4ft fluorescent white/orange lights or spotlights.

You can also opt for warm orange bistro lighting or fairy lights to create a more unique outlook of your event!

Fairy lights 66x150 ft coverage

power point and cable trays rental singapore tentage rental singapore
Power Points and Cable Trays

Weathered-proof power points are charged by the unit, and are commonly 13amp or 16amp.


For enhanced safety, you can consider adding cable trays as well. The cable trays help to hide loose wires, keeping the event venue neat and safe.

Singapore Cocktail Table with Black Skirting for Rental
Cocktail Table

Make your event extra spectacular and grand with cocktail tables! Our cocktail tables can be rented with or without the spandex cover.


Perfect for any cocktail events and standing events as a standalone.

Alternatively, you can get them with bar stools for the perfect gathering.


2ft (diameter) x 3ft (height) 

Cushion Chair rental Rent Garden pvc chair Tentage Rental Singapore
Cushion Chair Rental

Popular for formal events or for clients with a higher budget. These simple and elegant chairs are perfect for formal events.

You can also opt to add-on spandex seat covers at additional cost.

Colour: Blue


42cm x 58cm
Height: 88cm

fan rental outdoor ceiling fan industrial standing fan tentage logisics accessories rental singapore
Fans Rental

For an outdoor event, it is important to keep your area cool so as to ensure that everyone is comfortable.


Ceiling Rotating Fans

Ceiling Industrial Fans

Standing Industrial Fans

Event logistic Tentage Rental Singapore
Floor Planking / Carpeting

Wooden flooring and carpeting used to level the ground of your event space.

Wooden planks help to cover uneven ground and are especially helpful in rainy weather. You can choose to add-on planking for your tentage rental.


To beautify your event space, carpeting helps to make the floor look more presentable.

Bistro Tables and Aluminium Chairs at Event for Rental
Aluminum Bistro Table

Planning a chill outdoor event? Get our bistro tables and aluminum bistro chairs to add the chill vibes to your event!


Portable and affordable outdoor bistro furniture for rental.


2ft (diameter) x 69cm (height)

platform stage rental singapore
Platform Stage Rental

Available in different sizes, suitable for all kinds of events! Stage rental is a necessity for all types of indoor and outdoor events. Choose to add on stage skirting and carpet for a more luxurious look!


4-8ft wide

8-24ft length

1-3ft height

Portable black stage with spider legs, suitable for indoor usage, available for rental as well!

Portable Air Con Rental Singapore
Air Cooler / Portable Air Con Rental

Keep your event cool with our air conditioners! We have industrial portable air cooler and strong powerful 20,000 BTU portable aircon for large quantity rental.

For indoor events, you can consider the portable air con (12,000BTU or 20,000BTU) and for outdoor, an air cooler will do the trick! 

portable toilet.JPG
Miscellaneous or Portable Toilet Rental

Miscellaneous event logistics for your event needs:​

  • Mobile Chemical Toilet/ Shower Rental

  • Portable Sink

  • Waste Management

  • Queue Poles

Email us for more information so that we can advise you accordingly!

  • What is a Virtual Escape Room?
    Similar to a physical escape room, our Virtual Escape Room is an online game that replicates real-life safe locks and puzzles all on a single virtual platform. You have to look for clues and find hidden objects to try to unlock these different locks. By unlocking these locks, you will then be able to reach the end goal - find the hidden items!
  • How is your Virtual Escape Room conducted?
    Being a 100% remote online experience, our Virtual Escape Room is conducted online over a video conferencing platform. Participants will get the exclusive link to access our Virtual Escape Room and teams can discuss their tactics through Zoom/ MS Teams/ Webex. Not to worry as our friendly facilitator will be hosting the web conferencing session to guide your team throughout the game!
  • How do I book a Virtual Escape Room session?
    Follow these simple steps: Gather your team and email us to let us know the total number of pax you are looking at, and specify your preferred date and time slot Our friendly facilitators will get back to you as soon as possible with our availability and the official quotation After the quotation is endorsed, we will send over the invoice with the payment details for deposit to be made After confirmation, the meeting details will be sent to you 1-3 days before the event date
  • How do I start my Virtual Escape Room game?
    After confirming a game with us, we will be sending the meeting link to the POC 1-3 days before the event day (do disseminate the link to your team mates!). On the day itself, log on to Zoom 5 minutes before the scheduled start time so that we can begin on time. Our friendly facilitator will be in the Zoom meeting to do a mass briefing and provide you with the instructions before you are split into your respective breakout rooms. A separate link will be provided for you to access the Virtual Escape Room. Participants have 1.5 hours to complete the mission room.
  • What is the maximum number of people can join a Virtual Escape Room session?
    We require a minimum of 4 pax to form a team and start a game, and can host up to hundreds of pax in a single session. For larger groups, they will be split into different teams to work on the Virtual Escape Room separately. We typically recommend 6-9 pax per team for the best experience!
  • How much is your Virtual Escape Room?
    Our Virtual Escape Room is priced at an affordable $20/pax (for 10pax and above). If you are looking at hosting a larger group, email us for an exclusive corporate rate!
  • Who can play this game?
    We recommend players ages 14 and above to join us in our Virtual Escape Room sessions. Regardless of whether you are friends, family or colleagues, anyone is welcomed to join us! For the younger ones, do drop us an email so that we can come up with a customised game for you!
  • What if I have participants from other countries?
    Fret not, as our game can be conducted regardless of which country you are dialing in from! As long as you let us know the timeslot in SGT, we will make the necessary arrangements for you and your team.
  • Are there any prizes for completing the game?
    To spice up your event, we can provide prizes for the winning team at an additional cost. Prizes could include items such as customised corporate gifts, hampers or even e-vouchers!

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