Launching Mechanism Rental

Launching Mechanisms perfect for your grand openings and official launches! We have a variety of options available from the simple ribbon cutting, to impressive hologram launching mechanisms! Items can be customised to fit your theme and requirements!

Just drop us an email with your specifications and we can give you a free quotation with no obligation!

Best Price Guaranteed - If you have any quotes, you can try our *PRICE MATCHING SCHEME - T&C Applies

I-Ball Rental

The I-Ball is a transparent globe that showcases a customised message or design and comes complete with the stand. A device perfect for any kind of event. With remarkable visuals and stunning crystal-clear display, the I-Ball is a must-have to amp up the atmosphere at your function.

  • 40 cm sphere shape I-Ball comes with a pedestal stand

  • Texts or logo projected on I-Ball upon launch, client to switch on power to display the texts when VIP touches the I-Ball, up to 7 people can touch it


* client to provide one 13amp power point and ai file artwork

Ribbon Cutting

Mark the grand opening of a new location or the start of your event with Ribbon Cutting. 

Ribbon Cutting is the perfect ceremony to celebrate

a major event.  

Invite your Guest of Honours/VIP to signal the successful start of your event by cutting the ribbon with a pair of scissors.

Publicize and advertise your company/event while thanking your peers and workers for their contribution at the same time.

Let us be part of your simple yet meaningful event. Have us plan and make your Ribbon Cutting Ceremony a success.

Email us to sound your interest!

Puzzle Light Box 

​Add a little fun to your function with this Puzzle Light Box.

Piece the puzzle together and make the box lit up!

  •  4 pieces puzzle (we can custom made to more pieces if needed at extra cost)

  •  Digital print stickers on puzzle block and front panel

  •  Rental cost including manpower setup & dismantle (client to self-activate themselves. Activate by switch on remote control to on the internal light)

  • manpower standby to on is $60 for not more than 4 hrs standby time, extra 1 hr is $20

* client to provide one 13amp power point and ai file artwork

EFX Hologram Launching Mechanism Rental

Want an interesting, never-before-seen launch for your product? Try our EFX Hologram Launching Mechanism!

Now you can have your brand name glow up in LED lights that are visually appealing with this high-tech and unique device.


Astonish your audience and wow them with your launch of product by getting this EFX Hologram Launching Mechanism from us.

This launching mechanism is certainly a must-have for opening ceremonies, corporate events and launches.

Email us to sound your interest!

EFX LED Robotic Launching Mechanism Rental

Give a little dramatic entrance to your product with EFX Robot Launch Mechanism.

Let your audience have the modern futuristic feels.

Wow your audience with the cool complex movement of the robotic doors.

Lift your product up with the hydraulic raiser.

Have your message screened on the bright LED panel as a finishing touch. 

With this device, your audience will definitely find it memorable.

Email us your idea or budget for us to advise you!

Giant Sequence Light Box 
Want a giant light box to make your message stand out?
Giant Sequence Light Box is just what you are looking for!
This lightbox will certainly shine your message and let it be seen even from far.
  • one giant kapaline die cut board in front

  •  4 boxes with inner stickers to show the logo/texts, when VIPs press the button, the internal light on to reveal the logo/ texts​

*client to provide 13amp power point and ai file artwork

Light Ball Launch Mechanism

Desire to just have a simple launching event?

We can do just that for you!

Make your launches simple yet meaningful with this Light Ball Launch Mechanism.

A simple 40 cm sphere shape Light Ball that

comes with a stand. ​

Signal the launch of the event by having all your guests of honours and VIP coming together to touch the sphere.

The device perfect for a simple yet meaningful launch.

Hydraulic Launch Mechanism

Give a dramatic entrance/exit to your

product with a simple press of a button.​​

Have your company logo or your product name lighted up while your products make an appearance.

Easy to use and perfect for any launching events.

* client to provide one 13amp power point and ai file artwork.

Email us to get the best quote from us!


Hand Touch Light Box

Add a little interactive session during your launches with this Hand Touch Light Box!​

A simple device which consists of an oval panel and a beautifully-made glowing stand.​

Let your message glows up as your Guest Of Honours/VIP touches the panel.

* client to provide one 13amp power point and ai file artwork


Giant Advertising Balloon Rising Launching Effect


​Capture the attention of your audience from afar with this gigantic ball of light!

Add a banner to send your message far across.

  •  3m diameter white balloon with 1 side stickers die cut and lighted upon launching

  •  Banner of size 3ft width x 8ft height with one side printed

* client to provide one 13amp power point and ai file artwork


Button Pedestal Launching Mechanism Rental

Planning to have an extraordinary and easy launch of your product?

Pedestal can be printed on sticks or change to lighted box

Have your VIPs press the button pedestal to activate any program or symbolic item 

Let the light shine on your logo/product as a finishing touch.

Email us to customise

*client to provide one 13amp power point and ai file artwork

Exploding Balloon Banner Raising Effect

Add some POP to your event!!

With a single press on the remote control, have all the balloon bursted and make your banner rise up into the air to catch the eyes of your audience from far.

This is definitely a way to catch the attention of your audience!

  •  3ft latex helium balloon with column - 3ft width x 6ft ht fabric banner with printed artwork


*client to provide ai file artwork


Exploding Balloon Wall Effect 

Finding a way to catch the attention of your audience? 

Why not try this Exploding Balloon Wall Effect?

Activate the bursting of balloons and unveil the logo hidden behind with a simple touch.

The popping sound of the balloons will definitely capture the attention of your audience.

  •  3ft latex and 24” latex balloon to create a wall


*client to provide one 13amp power point.

Note: balloon wall must be shelter with no wind or indoor 



Lighted Platform Panel Rental

With this Lighted Platform Panel, you can now have a panel of lights after having on top of the platform.

Let the glows of the lights capture the attention of your audiences.

Used by President Halimah Yacob in 2018.

Email us for more assistance!

​Red Cloth Unveiling, Live Feed Screening, Car Launch & Special Effect Customization are also available.​

Curtain Unveiling Effect

​Signal the launch of your newly-construction location of your special event with this Curtain Unveiling Effect.

Have your Guest of Honours/VIP commemorate the beginnings of your event/place by pulling the curtains apart.

Definitely a simple yet meaningful ceremony for your launch.

Email us your idea or budget for us to advise you!

Balloon Firecracker Popping Effect Launching Mechanism Rental


Planning to have an extraordinary effect and easily create an auspicious for your product?

Email us to customize the length

Planning to have an experimental opening event? 

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