Virtual Conferences/ Online Meetings Singapore

Organise a Virtual Conference which includes different keynote speakers and breakout sessions. An interactive virtual conference that allows participants to access content through a one-stop platform. Participants can easily register for the event, and log in securely on the event day to access the different activities at the virtual conference. With a one-stop virtual conference platform, it is a convenient and easy way to host a virtual conference.

Virtual Web Conferences


Web conferences allow for communication between all participants through live streaming, screen sharing and live chats, where the communication is from many to many. Virtual conferences allow attendees to view keynotes in real-time, build their own agenda from relevant, on-demand content, and interact with other attendees. Comes with an online registration/RSVP system where attendees will be provided with an unique login ID. In addition, live Q&A session and live polling can be included as well.

  • Suitable for cases where there are a panelist of speakers

  • Can be in the style of a video conference or live stream, depending on the number of attendees

  • Can then break into smaller groups for webinars or discussions

To register for the virtual conference, participants can simply access the unique website domain and fill in their details. The registration form can be customised according to the information that you want to collect.

Online Registration

Secured Platform

Your virtual event can be set to private to prevent unauthorised access. With password protection, only those who have the link and password can view the event. Only registered participants can log on to the platform and attend the virtual conference.

Similar to a physical conference, participants can easily join in any scheduled live webinars or breakout sessions according to their preferences. They can easily navigate the platform and join the meetings as desired. With the live chat and polling functions, participants are also able to interact with the speakers easily.

Live Webinars and Breakout

Pre-recorded content

For simultaneous breakout sessions, some of these sessions can be pre-recorded in advance and the edited video can be played back on the event day itself. This reduces the possibility of a technical glitch or lag and will ensure a smoother session. We can assist with the filming and editing of the video and embed these videos onto the conference platform for participants to view.

Post-event data reports can be generated easily and will cover areas such as the number of participants logged in, the time they spent on the system, the poll results, as well as the feedback from the attendees. With these statistics, you can have a rough gauge on how well the event went and the areas of improvement for future virtual events.

Post Event Reports

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