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Types of Virtual Escape Rooms

With the risk of the pandemic and new variants, it is still hard to organize team-building activities physically. As such, many have shifted their team-building to a virtual setting. However, having to meet virtually for team building can be dull and tedious especially when there is a lack of activities planned out.

One popular activity among corporate team building settings will be the Virtual Escape Rooms. These games encourage participants to communicate together to discuss the clues they have found while putting their thinking caps on to solve the different puzzles found in the room as well. With an end objective in mind, players can work on delegating the different roles within the team to work together to “escape” the room. Read on for some of the virtual escape rooms available online!

1. Fortune Carnival*

As Chinese New Year is approaching, the Fortune Carnival escape room is one that you wouldn’t want to miss! Chinese New Year is all about prosperity, fortune, and HUAT! Who wouldn't love some of it during this festive period? However, there is a slight hiccup this year. The infamous Nian from decades ago is back again! This time around, his goal is to steal the Yuan Bao (Gold ingot) from Cai Shen Ye (God of Fortune) that was going to be donated to the village. Fortunately, your team managed to scare the Nian away, but the Nian still managed to hide the Yuan Bao in a Carnival before he fled! Now, Cai Shen Ye needs your team to work together to look for clues around the carnival and find the hidden Yuan Bao before Chinese New Year! But remember to do it fast! The Nian might be returning back with his allies!

*Seasonal games are only available for a limited time, stay posted to our new games by following us on our social medias.

2. The Lab