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2021 Event Trends

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

With the COVID-19 pandemic, events in 2021 and beyond are no longer the same as before. The pandemic has changed how events can be planned and conducted as well as the expectations from clients. Due to the changing expectations, there is a need to make changes and adapt to the current situation. Here are some future events trends to help you better meet customers' needs:

1. Online Marketing

Due to the pandemic, there is a rise in digital marketing as more businesses rely on online platforms to market their products or services. This is because there are restrictions placed on the capacity for physical events. Therefore, businesses are getting more creative and are using technology to aid in the marketing process in virtual events.

As a start, you can make use of Electronic Direct Mailers to publicise your event. Our in-house designers can help to design and come up with unique EDMs customised for your event. Simply let us know your requirements so that we can provide this creative service to you!

2. Hybrid Events

As stated above, due to the restrictions placed on the capacity for physical events, hybrid events which are a mix of physical and virtual events are getting popular. With hybrid events, organisers are still able to reach out to a large number of target audiences while abiding by the safe distancing measures.

While hosting a small group of guests at the actual venue, the whole event can be streamed live online for a larger group audience to view. JNR Entertainment can help you organise a hybrid event, providing you with the equipment you require at the actual venue as well as the live stream equipment.

3. Sanitation Procedures

The pandemic has increased awareness of sanitation practices worldwide. Safety is the priority for attendees and there is a need for all event organisers to include safety measures such as equipping hand sanitisers and conducting cleaning daily to ensure that the whole venue is clean. Other than that, it is important to inform attendees about the different safety measures that are in place to provide some form of relief to them.

To provide you with peace of mind for your events, check out our Safe Management Measures Package available for rental! The package is inclusive of necessities such as hand sanitiser, temperature screener and safe distancing stickers.

4. Live Streaming and Streaming Services

The pandemic has also affected live performances and movie screenings, therefore, many of them have found an alternative way through live streaming and video streaming services. By doing this, it ensures that audiences are still able to enjoy performances and this has even brought them closer to the performers. Not sure where to start? JNR Entertainment provides high-quality live streaming services that will be assisted with live stream crews from the start to the end!

5. Individual Travel Incentives

Incentive travel programs are extremely beneficial in helping to encourage workers and acknowledge their contribution to the company. Event trends have indicated that group incentive travel might slow down while individual travel incentives face an uprising trend.

In closing, there may be drastic changes to the expectation and how events can be conducted but fret not, you can always count on professionals from JNR Entertainment to help you plan your next event successfully! Speak to us at if you need help planning!

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