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What Are Hybrid Events?

Due to the COVID-19 situation, there is a limit to the number of attendees that can attend the physical event. Therefore, many organisers are hosting hybrid events, which are events that combine both in-person and virtual experiences and this will be the new norm in the events industry. Here, we will be talking about what hybrid events are all about.

Hybrid events are the ideal solution for those programs that can be successfully held both onsite and in virtual form. These events allow for a small group of participants to be at the onsite venue to attend the event live, and also for the rest of the audience to attend the event online easily. They allow for event organisers to reach out to a greater pool of audience as audiences are not limited by physical or topographical limitations - anyone is able to attend the event easily. Some examples of perfect hybrid event programs include trade shows, conferences and many more.

Last year, we also held a hybrid event - Tampines Town Council's Annual Tree Planting Day 2020 which included media and VIPs at the physical venue, and the whole event streamed live online on Zoom and Facebook. Hybrid events like these are very useful when most of your target audience is not able to participate in the physical event due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Even though it was a hybrid event, the online audience could also participate actively through live quizzes and having a virtual live-streamed tour of the event venue. For this Tree Planting event, participants could also register beforehand to receive a D.I.Y. growing kit, which they could 'plant together' with the VIPs onsite at the comfort of their own homes.

Other than the pandemic, there are also other reasons which make hybrid events necessary. One reason is that the attendee cannot travel due to health or safety concerns. Other than that, the attendee’s company could have set a budget for them and they could not afford to travel to the event. With the event being held online as well, there is no need for the audience to travel to the event venue, making hybrid events a popular choice for organisers.

Ultimately, if you still have doubts about hosting a hybrid event, fret not as we are here to help! We have helped many organisations host events online or offline, and you can leave everything to us.

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