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Why You Should Host Virtual Events

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Why You Should Host Virtual Events JNR Blog

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, physical gatherings and events are minimized and are going virtual. Businesses can continue connecting with their audiences through virtual events and they are also an effective way to increase conversion rate. There are heaps of benefits of organizing virtual events and here, we will share with you some of the benefits!

1. Staying Safe

With the virus still circulating around Singapore, it is very difficult for events to be held in-person. JNR Entertainment can help you set up virtual events, and bring the physical event experience online! No physical contact in a massive crowd, that is what’s important! Participants can stay safe in the comfort of their own homes with no physical contact with anyone else and yet enjoy the full digital event experience. Everyone can play a part in keeping Singapore COVID-safe.

2. Keeping Consumers Alive

Virtual events are an effective platform to keep the consumer circle alive. Virtual events provide almost unlimited reach and can be helpful to clients especially in times like this. Live marketing promotional events can be held to allow companies to continue promoting their products and services online. We can organize live streams for you via Instagram, Facebook, WebEx, or Zoom! These virtual events come with interactive components such as online registration, online polls, and feedback forms, allowing for higher customer interaction. Simply let us know your requirements!

3. Saves Time

Another benefit of virtual events is that the planning time compared to in-person events is reduced tremendously due to the ease of platform use and virtual web. As the event will be conducted virtually, it saves the hassle of looking for a physical venue and coordinating logistics and transportation. For your staff, it also saves them travel time as they do not have to travel to the physical event venue. You can speak to us to help you plan your virtual event, which saves you even more time! 😉

In conclusion, virtual events bring about many benefits especially during this COVID-19 period. While keeping safe at home, you can still reach out to your consumers in a time-efficient manner through this new way of doing events! If you require help from a professional, do not hesitate to contact us at!


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