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Virtual Events VS Physical Events

Due to COVID-19, hosting virtual events has become the norm, however, physical events have not disappeared totally due to the government loosening safe distancing measures. Here are some comparisons made between virtual and physical events that will help you make better decisions.

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Pros of Virtual Events

Firstly, virtual events are able to reach out to a larger group of audiences which allows their target to be met even faster and even exceed their expectation. Without the need to travel to a specific location for the event, it may encourage a higher audience participation rate.

This brings us to the next point where it helps us to save travel costs. This is especially important to companies who have set a travel budget for their workers which may make it hard for them to travel overseas to attend virtual events such as trade shows.

Another benefit would be that the session can be recorded and watched again by the target audience who have missed the conference. This will certainly make it more convenient for everyone. With our Live Streaming Services, we can help you bring your event live online for the audience to view from anywhere they want!

Cons of Virtual Events

There is limited socialisation that can take place due to the lack of face to face interaction. Due to this, there is less networking and sharing of ideas, which could impact the growth of some businesses. However, this can be solved with the usage of a virtual platform that comes with interactive features. For instance, the inclusion of the chatbox function will allow participants to interact with one another.

One other thing is the distractions that could be beside the attendee which could affect their attention level. This cannot be controlled by the event organisers, and it may result in them being unable to achieve the marketing effect desired when attendees are distracted.

Pros of Physical Events

One advantage of physical events would be the ease of marketing certain products. Some products are best advertised through the sense of touch and this can be done during the physical event.