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Unique Themes for Events

Finding the right theme is important as it directly affects the attendance rate. Themes can create a buzz and regardless of the event type, it will change the whole event experience for your target audience. From conferences to carnivals, here are some of the top themes that are unique for your next event!

1. Mask Up! (Masquerade)

A masquerade ball or party is a popular theme for Dinner and Dances, as participants can choose to wear beautifully embellished masks, which will make the event appear grand and luxurious. The masquerade ball theme exudes sophistication and allows participants to feel like a part of the Venetian Carnival.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it could also be a punny and practical theme for your event as your target audience are able to wear masks as a form of accessory. Instead of wearing elaborate masks that cover the eyes only, participants can wear masks that cover their noses and mouths - which also acts as a simple and safe precaution.

2. Aloha Hawaii

It is time to dress up in a tropical outfit - think flower garlands, hula skirts, bright floral shirts and straw hats! While dressed in your tropical getup, enjoy Hawaii-inspired food such as seaside-inspired cupcakes, fresh salads and many more!

This theme is perfect for our Physical Family Days at the beach where you can enjoy the sun and the sand, and feel as though you are in Hawaii. The perfect beach theme for you to take a break from the hectic lifestyle, enjoy different games and go crazy!

3. Neon Garden

The neon theme has always been very popular and it certainly has the power to keep the event alive! Make good use of vivid colours and create an eye-catching event. A neon party theme is extremely popular with not only the kids, but also adults! It offers a wide range of fun opportunities to enhance the party vibe through creative neon ideas and activities.

For instance, instead of the standard instant print photo booth, why not consider our UV Photo Booth instead! Making use of UV lights, certain items that your guests are wearing will glow under the black light. You might be surprised at what works! You can even consider our LED Candy Floss Station, which comes with a lighted LED stick to hold the edible candy floss. This is a fun and exciting way to make everything in-line with your event.

4. Mythical Creatures

This theme offers endless possibilities with no restrictions! From dragons to mermaids, your target audience can be anyone they want to be. Whether it is a creature from a book or tv series, they can always bring the different creatures to life. It is the only chance for them to turn their vision to reality with the different costumes they have. It is not everyday that you get the opportunity to dress up into a character you fancy, so make the best of this opportunity! Let loose, snap some photos, and leave behind some memories!

5. Fitness

For an event that focuses on health and well-being, this is the theme that will certainly be a hit! This has become increasingly important especially due to the hectic lifestyle in Singapore. With limited time to exercise, the fitness-themed event will certainly take care of the mental and physical health of your target audience, while making it active and fun! With a main focus on fitness, you can incorporate elements of exercise and healthy workshops to your event. Participants can attend the event in their activewear and participate in activities such as Spin Class, Yoga Class, or even more hands-on activities such as Healthy Smoothie Workshop.

6. Back To School

Back to School has always been a popular theme for corporates and different organisations. Attendees can put on their old school uniforms and be reminded of the times they were in school.

Not sure which theme is the most suitable for your target audience? Have a theme in mind and not sure how to proceed from there? Contact us at to discuss your event!

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