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Types of Roving Marketing Tools

Roving marketing campaigns are one of the more powerful marketing tools as they can reach out to a broader group of audience and allow for a more exciting way of marketing due to the possible interaction that can take place. Here are some ideas for roving marketing:

1. Roving Talents

There are a variety of roving talents that can be a great add-on to your event. From the likes of Roving Clowns, Roving Magicians to Roving Jugglers, these entertaining artists will keep your audience entertained. Roving clowns are very entertaining and there are many opportunities for the clown to interact with the public, which allows them to give marketing resources such as flyers or brochures. They are a hit amongst the kids and even adults! You can also be wowed by the tricks performed by the roving magician

2. Stilt Walkers

Stilt walkers have the ability to grab attention which also allows interaction to take place between the performers and the audience. With their incredible heights, they will definitely not be missed by the audience. For that extra oomph factor, our stilt walkers can also be dressed in various fancy costumes to attract your crowd.

3. Mascot Appearance

At JNR Entertainment, there is a wide range of mascots for you to choose from, according to your brand and the product and services you would like to market. We have a great variety of inspired cartoon character mascots such as the popular Frozen's Elsa, classic Tom & Jerry, and many more! For the festive seasons, you can also consider our seasonal characters such as the Cai Shen Ye mascot or even the jolly Santa Claus mascot.

4. Car Advertising

By attaching the advertisement on the car, it will be able to reach many places and thus enjoy a greater advertising effect. Car advertisements are highly visible, and they will certainly help to raise greater awareness about the brand.

In conclusion, which roving marketing tool you choose to use is based on the product and services that you choose to market as well as your brand. Picking the best roving marketing tool for your company is important because it helps you to generate leads that might translate to potential customers. Feel free to contact us at to find out the services that we offer!

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