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Top Activities for Corporate Dinner and Dance

Corporate Dinner and Dance is a special night for colleagues to gather and reward them for their contribution to the company. It serves as a good opportunity to spread positivity about your company and exhibit your company’s strengths. It is a day of celebration and you certainly do not want to screw this up!

To make a Dinner & Dance fun and exhilarating for all, you need to include fringe activities and performances to keep the guests engaged. Here are some activities that you can incorporate in your company’s dinner and dance to make it a memorable night!

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1. Dance Performances

Excite your staff with dance performances, regardless whether it is on stage or up close and personal! There are many types of dance that you can choose from, from hip hop all the way to contemporary. Some popular dance performances include LED Fairy Wing Dance and 3D Mapping Show that incorporates bright and shiny LED lights that will definitely wow your crowd

To bring this to another level, you can even invite your staff to be part of the dance which will make the night even more memorable. A dance can also be choreographed for the organising committee to perform for all the employees. This will definitely be a highlight for the employees, and a performance that is memorable for all.

2. Caricature Artist

Photos are incredible but perhaps you want something more aesthetic and humorous? By inviting a caricature artist to your dinner and dance night, your staff are able to acquire a cartoon-like drawing of themselves, which they are able to take away from this night! A good souvenir for your guests, we can customise it to your theme too to make it a more unique piece! Whenever they see the drawing, they will be reminded of the memorable night.

3. Instant Print Photo Booth Service

With a photo booth, your staff are able to bring back a memento with them after the event which will remind them of the memorable night they have enjoyed with their colleagues. Furthermore, the photo booth can be decorated based on the theme of the dinner and dance. At JNR Entertainment, we provide different printing options such as the Bookmark Strip Photo Booth, the Magnetic Strip Photo Booth, Flipbook Photo Booth, Human Fly Wall Photo Booth and many more!