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Tips to Boost Virtual Event Engagement

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, many in-person events are being cancelled. However, many businesses have adapted to the situation by opting for virtual events to maintain the connection with their audiences as well as reach out to new target markets. As virtual events become more prevalent, we will share with you some ways to boost engagement for your virtual events!

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1. Curated Activities

With curated activities, it allows for seamless navigation between sessions which allows participants to dive into the sessions they are interested in. This provides them with an opportunity to create a more personalized experience for themselves. How to get going with this? JNR Entertainment can help you to host your virtual events, and create different rooms online where your participants get to immerse themselves in the various activities that have been designed for them. Let us know any programmes you have in mind so that we can propose accordingly! Be it a webinar, teambuilding activity or an online celebration, we have different curated activities for you and your participants!

2. Gamification

By introducing a leaderboard challenge, it could spur participants to attend as many activities as they can. They are able to earn points by participating in different activities, talks, and training. To further encourage them, incentives can be provided which are able to act as a form of branding for your company. For instance, you can include a games session in the middle of your virtual event to allow for higher audience participation. An example of the games could be our Online Escape Room experience!

3. Award Ceremonies

To further boost virtual engagement, you can award participants with digital badges for completing certain activities that are designed for them. Other than encouraging them to attend these sessions, they are also required to complete them before they are qualified to get these badges. JNR Entertainment is able to provide live streaming services to ensure a seamless experience for those winners. We can organize live streams through Instagram, Facebook, WebEx, or Zoom! This allows you to easily reach out to your participants locally and globally.

4. Virtual Meetups

By including a short session for meetups and networking sessions in your events objective through video calls, participants are encouraged to interact with one another. To further improve the quality of such connections, meet-ups for certain groups of people with similar areas of interest can be organized.

5. Feedback Collation

As the main target audience of these virtual events, participants' feedback should be heard and acknowledged. This will greatly influence and affect your events in the future. By making improvements based on the event feedback platform provided by JNR Entertainment, your event will get better and better!

In conclusion, virtual events are the new norm and it will become increasingly prevalent in the near future due to the various benefits as stated in the previous blog. Due to the prevalence, it is important to know some ways to boost engagement for your virtual events. If you require help from a professional, do not hesitate to contact us at to find out more!

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