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Tips in Holding Effective Meetings

Updated: May 14, 2021

As you start your meeting, you realise that everyone is getting restless and lethargic. At this rate, you will not be able to complete the key objective of the meeting and the team productivity will drop. What should you do to hold effective meetings? Here are some tips for holding a more effective meeting!

1. Clear Agenda

Having a clear goal for every meeting is very important as it allows your employees to have a common drive towards the same thing. It is important to inform your employees of the agenda of the meeting so that they will know what has to be covered during the meeting. In addition, you can also tell them what they can take away from this meeting, especially if different teams are attending the same meeting.

2. Active Audience

During the meeting, it is essential to keep your audience attentive to the content that you are presenting to achieve maximum productivity. However, getting tired and drifting off is very normal and it occurs to most of us. Here are some ways to get your audience back on track and keep them active:

  1. Ask questions to keep them thinking about the content presented.

  2. Ask your audience for some action! By raising their hand or showing a thumbs up or down, they can express their opinion to the presenter.

  3. Encourage feedback - You can encourage the teams who are attending the meeting to give their inputs and feedback. That way, everyone has a chance to speak up and participate which allows them to feel included. Other than that, they can also provide feedback about the meeting which helps the speaker to improve on the next meeting.

3. Team Cohesion

For a great meeting to take place, what the team does outside of the meeting is also very important. It could have a direct impact on what they do during the meeting and affect the productivity rate. To strengthen the team connection, the company can host some team-building activities to bring the team together. Be it remotely or in real life, JNR Entertainment can help you with your team-building activities!

In summary, holding an effective meeting can be effortless with these few tips. If you are hosting a virtual event due to the pandemic, don't worry! At JNR Entertainment, we provide web conferences and general meetings services that will certainly aid in your meetings! Just contact us at to find out more.

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