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JNR Online Virtual Escape Room

At JNR Entertainment, we offer Online Virtual Escape Room, which is one of our most popular virtual activities! This activity is the best team-building activity as everyone gets to enjoy the thrill of solving the tasks under a time limit. Here are the two virtual escape room themes that we have available!

online virtual escape room game team bonding teambuilding activity

1. Inspired Money Heist Themed

Inspired by the popular Netflix series, Money Heist, our themed escape room takes reference from the show where your team will have to work together to find the hidden gold in the mayor's mansion. Work together with your team to uncover the clues left inside the mansion to solve the mystery. There is a need to navigate the mansion and unlock different doors which contain clues that will ultimately lead you to the secret basement where the gold is hidden. Work closely with your team to find the gold within 1.5 hours!

This is our most popular theme, which comes with up to 10 rooms in the mansion for teams to explore. For larger teams, we definitely recommend this theme as you can choose to split up and explore the different rooms in the mansion.

2. Vaccine Laboratory Themed

Another themed escape room we have is the Vaccine Laboratory-themed one. For this, participants’ main task is to look for the hidden vaccine which was stolen by the competitors. There is a need to look for the vaccine in the competitors' laboratory and find the vaccine before the ship goes, as it is meant to be shipped to another country tonight. With the time ticking, everyone has to put on their thinking cap and resolve the mystery!

This new and exciting theme comes with challenging puzzles that include binary codes, morse codes, and many other challenging clues which you have to crack your brains to solve. For teams looking for a real challenge, this is the escape room for you!

JNR Online Virtual Escape Room is the perfect activity for team building which incorporates thrilling experiences for everyone to enjoy. Everyone will have to work together and think out of the box to solve the different mysteries and collect clues that will lead you to the target. This is certainly exciting enough to get everyone’s heart racing!

Want to customise any part of the game? Just speak to us at to see what we can offer you!

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