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Increasing Traffic for Virtual Events

As many physical events have been cancelled, many are switching to virtual events and event organisers are wondering how to increase traffic for these events. Here are some ways to get more traffic for your virtual events:

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1. Marketing Plan

After understanding your target audience, you will get to know more about their needs. With a good marketing plan, you will be able to reach out to your target audience and inform them about the event successfully. This can be done through different platforms such as websites, webinars and social media which can be decided based on the profile of your target audience.

2. Attention-Grabbing Landing Page

In digital marketing, a landing page is a page created for a marketing or advertising campaign, where the target audience will arrive after they click on a link in an email or advertisement. With an attention-grabbing landing page, it helps to minimise the cost of acquiring a lead or sale and increase conversion rates (signups, registration) for the campaign.

At JNR Entertainment, we can help you create a landing page or website just for your event! With a customised domain page, your participants can easily access the page to register for the event or find out more information. We can even help to develop a Virtual Event Platform that is specifically for your event. Participants can simply access the platform to participate in the different activities available.

3. Sharing

After having participants register for your event, you can encourage them to share about the event with others, which can help increase the attendance rate. For this kind of promotion, it is usually free or low cost and the public will be encouraged to attend the event through word-of-mouth recommendations from trusted friends and family members.

4. Video Previews

Audiences are usually more interested in exciting and interesting videos which allows them to understand the intent of the whole event and what they can expect from attending the event. A short glimpse of what they can expect usually gives audiences a sense of thrill, making it more compelling for them to attend the event. If you are looking for video production services, look no further, as we are able to help you create a compelling and exciting video preview for your event!

In closing, these are some ways to increase traffic to your virtual event and they can be done very easily! Feel free to speak to our professionals from JNR Entertainment if you need any help planning for your virtual event. Contact us at 😊

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