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Choosing JNR Entertainment As Your Event Coordinator

Choosing the right event company is crucial in organising a successful event that will leave a good impression on your audience. Let's take a sneak peek at why you should choose JNR Entertainment as your go-to event company.

1. Working Around Budget

We stick as close as possible to your proposed budget and will work around the various ideas that you have provided. We are willing to share ideas on where you can cut costs and invest in areas that are more worthy. If you find any better deals elsewhere, do feel free to let us know as well so that we can offer our Price Matching Scheme*!

2. Services and Logistics

JNR Entertainment has various services and equipment in-house to cater to different needs, which means cost savings for you! Some of the services that are provided includes food live stations, entertainers and inflatables rental. We are proud to say that we are an all-in-one company with more than 300 in-house services and equipment. Other than providing these in-house items, we also work with reputable suppliers to provide you with the best equipment at the best prices possible. Looking for a one-stop-shop for your event needs? Look no further, as we are able to cater to your different requirements!

3. Friendly and Efficient Professionals

Speak to us! We are a friendly team and are committed to helping you achieve your needs! Feel free to talk to us if you require any help from the professionals. We promise to get back to you within 1 working day to understand more about your requirements and needs. You can easily schedule a call or meeting with us to discuss further.

4. You are Important

Your needs are important and I am sure that you would like to bring the best for your audience. Just like how your audience is important to you, you are also important to us! We strive to bring the best out of every event that we have hosted and exceed your expectations.

Feel free to contact us if you require assistance in planning your event. Remember, your needs are our top priority!

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