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Identifying The Right Event Planner

It is crucial that you find the right event planner for your event as you wouldn’t want your event to fail miserably! Here are some factors which will help you to identify the right Event Planner!

1. Budget

A professional event planner will tend to work around the budget you have proposed and even add in extra perks to make your event even more memorable. They are able to propose different ideas that are within the budget for you to consider adding to your event.

Another important thing to note is the amount the event planner is charging for the event management fee. If you are working on a tight budget, you have to take note of this before engaging the event planner.

2. Knowledge

Having a knowledgeable event planner is very important as they will propose ideas based on your target audience and the objective that you are trying to achieve. They will try to understand your needs and turn your vision into reality.

An experienced event planner will tend to propose ideas that are extraordinary, making your event even more successful!

3. Resources

Other than having experience in event planning, the event planner must have various resources that can be utilised for events of different themes. Having a wide range of logistics and services in-house will definitely help to keep the costs low. JNR Entertainment is proud to have more than 100 in-house services and equipment available - from the likes of Live Food Stations, Instant Print Photo Booth, Entertainers (Magician, Balloon Sculptor), which you can utilise for your various events.

Apart from having these services in-house, the event planner must also build many connections that allow them to achieve deals for certain resources that they may not have. This way, they have a higher chance of sticking to your budget. For instance, it is important for the event planner to have a network of vendors and suppliers that they can work together with, be it for the venue, AV equipment, etc. With this network, it will allow the planning stage to go smoothly without any delays.

4. Credibility

Their credibility can be assessed through their past experiences, reviews shown on various platforms, referrals and many more. With a credible event planner, quality is ensured leading to a successful event. You can take note of past customers' testimonials and reviews to find out if an event planner is credible. With that checked, you can then research more about what the event planner has to offer, and whether they are able to meet your needs and expectations.

5. Fun

Lastly, a fun event planner means a fun event. Find yourself a fun event planner who will create interactive events that are within your budget and achieve your key objectives! It is also essential to find an event planner whose personality suits yours, as you will be working very closely with him/her. If your personalities do not match, it will be hard to coordinate and work together for the success of the event.

JNR Entertainment is here for you and we only provide the best! Talk to us and find out more about what we can offer to you! Feel free to contact us at if you need help planning!

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