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Benefits of Hosting Virtual Roadshows

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Due to the pandemic, physical roadshow and exhibitions cannot take place which has affected many businesses, especially when they cannot showcase their products and services. Don’t worry! Here are some benefits of hosting virtual roadshows and showcasing digital exhibitions.

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1. Larger Target Audience

Physical events can be confined to clients in a specific area, especially when they are overseas. Facilitating a virtual roadshow implies that your audience can be from everywhere and still be listening to the same talk that you have presented to local audiences. With this, you are able to enlarge your focus to include anyone overseas, reaching out to more potential customers.

2. Convenience

As stated above, your targeted guests would not need to travel anymore. The high cost of travel could be a strong factor that determines whether they will participate in a roadshow. With this huge cost savings, they are highly likely willing to attend the roadshow, allowing you to achieve a satisfactory attendance no.

3. Technology

There are many great tools to use for the facilitation of online roadshows which are able to help you save cost for your virtual event. Such resources include Zoom and WebEx which aids in reaching out to a larger group of audience at a much lower cost as compared to a physical event. Furthermore, with the add on of webinars or conferences, speakers are able to present the different topics and allow for feedback and questions to be made known to the speakers.

4. On Demand Sessions

Perhaps the best thing about virtual roadshow is the ability to be viewed on request. By recording the whole roadshow and breaking it up into different sessions, audiences who have missed the different sessions are able to replay the recordings once again in their free time. These recordings can then be placed on your company website which can act as a form of marketing tool. With JNR Entertainment, you are able to use the various services provided to ensure a high-quality recording of your talk and to facilitate the discussion to be made within the audience.

In conclusion, there are many benefits of hosting virtual roadshows, especially during this COVID 19 period. With the right guidance and planning, you can still reach out to your desired audiences in a safe manner. Feel free to contact us at if you require any help from professionals!

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