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2022 Event Trends

2021 has been an interesting ride for all of us. Initially, we were able to see the ray of light with the introduction of vaccination. However, the sudden spike in cases in 2021 as well as new variants such as Omicron have shown otherwise. With the uncertainty in the pandemic, many has opted for to host a virtual or hybrid event in 2021. Therefore, here are some of the event trends that we can expect to see in 2022:

1. Hybrid Events

Though Work-Related Event (WRE) and MICE are now allowed for up to 1000pax, we can expect hybrid events to stay. Due to new emerging variants and changing regulations, the risk of an event getting cancelled will always exist. Virtual and Hybrid events provide us not only with a greater flexibility and convenience, but also removing the biggest uncertainty on whether the event can continue. In addition, the virtual element of a hybrid event allow more attendees as attendees can join the event anywhere without needing to be at a location physically.

Regardless if you are planning a global conference, virtual award ceremonies or family day, JNR Entertainment is a professional virtual and hybrid event organizer in Singapore that can help you manage and host your event.

2. Micro Events

Holding an extravagant event is harder compared to the past where there is an uncertainty on the number of people that can attend at one point of time. In addition, the ability to travel across countries are still restricted and thus, it would be hard to hold a physical event for attendees from different parts of the world. Therefore, many would prefer to hold more smaller-scaled events throughout the year, giving attendees more opportunities to join and increasing engagement opportunities with the participants.

3. Digitalized Events

Technology has been a big part of everyone’s life since the pandemic and in the events' industry, technology tools has became a fundamental. As more leverage on virtual events, we can expect an increasing use of metaverse, VR and AR as companies start to explore for ways to increase interaction and engagement in a virtual and hybrid events.

For physical and hybrid events, we can also expect more incorporation of digital tools to assist in the management of events. For example, self-registration can be done via scanning a QR code on-site rather than having manpower stationed at the registration counter to do a manual registration.

4. Sustainable Events

With the increasing concern around climate change and awareness of global warming, more individuals and corporates have stepped out to do their part and be more environmentally conscious. As such, more companies will now look into ways to have an environmentally-sustainable event throughout the process from planning to execution to reduce carbon footprints.

In fact, virtual events is an example of a green event as it helps to reduce the need for participants to travel and thus reduce carbon emissions. There are also a few other advantages of hosting a sustainable event.

In conclusion, while we are in hopes for physical events to be back in the picture, we can expect that most events will still be conducted virtually or via hybrid. Nonetheless, as the famous quote goes,"The Only Constant in Life is Change." We may not be able to know what exactly lies ahead, but you can always count on us to help you plan and manage your upcoming event successfully, be it the mode of events. Contact us now at for more!

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