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2022 Event Trends

2021 has been an interesting ride for all of us. Initially, we were able to see the ray of light with the introduction of vaccination. However, the sudden spike in cases in 2021 as well as new variants such as Omicron have shown otherwise. With the uncertainty in the pandemic, many has opted for to host a virtual or hybrid event in 2021. Therefore, here are some of the event trends that we can expect to see in 2022:

1. Hybrid Events

Though Work-Related Event (WRE) and MICE are now allowed for up to 1000pax, we can expect hybrid events to stay. Due to new emerging variants and changing regulations, the risk of an event getting cancelled will always exist. Virtual and Hybrid events provide us not only with a greater flexibility and convenience, but also removing the biggest uncertainty on whether the event can continue. In addition, the virtual element of a hybrid event allow more attendees as attendees can join the event anywhere without needing to be at a location physically.

Regardless if you are planning a global conference, virtual award ceremonies or family day, JNR Entertainment is a professional virtual and hybrid event organizer in Singapore that can help you manage and host your event.