BEST STEAM Enrichment Classes Activities for toddlers Singapore

After-school STEAM enrichment classes and activities for your toddlers to improve their learning. We have a variety of STEM/ STEAM activities and workshops available which will enhance the learner's interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics! Fun and creative enrichment lessons to engage your children while they are at home.

toddlers Enrichment Classes Singapore

To provide a holistic education for your children, we have a wide variety of activities and programmes for your children to participate in! Our Toddlers Enrichment Classes Activities cater to children from 3 - 8 years old and allows your kids to take a break from school-based learning to explore their different interests. With the different activities they are exposed to, it will help to make learning fun!

Personal Growth Activities

We aim to provide a different assortment of STEM/ STEAM activities for children aged 3 - 8 years old. The different activities will help to develop your child's knowledge in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

Get hands-on with science experiments or even coding classes that are suitable for your children!

Interesting Kids Enrichment Activities

Fun and interesting enrichment activities that will help to develop your children's abilities.

While encouraging them to learn, we also want your children to have fun! Our activities and programmes are specially planned and curated to be fun for the targeted age group.

Holistic Learning Activities

Apart from the everyday school curriculum, our enrichment activities provide a holistic education for your children. Your children will be exposed to multi-sensory educational lessons which help to stimulate their brain development.


The different hands-on activities will help to nurture them into creative and inquisitive children. The programmes are also designed to nurture the children's creativity and inquisitive minds through experiencing different activities.

Your preferred Enrichment Time

For parents that send their children to a variety of enrichment classes, we understand the importance of having the flexibility of choosing your preferred timings.

Be it the weekdays or weekends, let us know what time you are looking at for the enrichment lessons and we will arrange accordingly!

Group Activity/ Individual Learning

Our enrichment classes offer the option of private classes or group learning (up to 8 pax). Starting from one pax, we can start a class to provide private one-to-one guidance.

If you are a family with 2 or 3 children, it will be the perfect opportunity for the siblings to learn and play together through our enrichment activities.

Enrichment Going to your doorstep

What makes us different from other enrichment class providers is that we will travel to your doorstep for these lessons!


Instead of gathering everyone in the school/ location, our trainer will head down to your location and start the activity. You do not have to worry about transportation as everything will be done at your venue.

As low as


Our uniquely designed classes are structured to provide the best experience to your child. While having fun, they also get the opportunity to pick up new skills or interests!

toddlers Enrichment Classes Singapore

  • Approximately 1.5-hour session with 3-5 activities per session

  • Inclusive of 1 professional trainer to guide your children

  • Cost of materials is included in the session fee

Private Enrichment Class Fees (up to 2 children)

  • One-time Registration Fee (per student): $80

  • Term Fee (*Average of 12 to 14 sessions): $1800 

  • Average fee per enrichment class: $120-150

  • Each session is suitable for 1-2 students

  • For additional pax, there will be an additional cost of $65/pax per session or $720/term 

Book a Private TRIAL Enrichment Class with us (up to 2 children)

APRIL & MAY PROMOTION: $97 for 45mins

or a full TRIAL Enrichment Class: $125 for 90mins

Develop independence

Your child gets to develop independence as our enrichment programmes do not require parental participation. 

We understand that children may be uncomfortable in new environments, hence having the programme at your venue will give them a sense of familiarity.

Build Perseverance

Each of our classes will be around the duration of 1.5 hours. Within this time period, there will be several activities planned for the children to take part in.


With a longer session, we believe that it will help to train the child's perseverance and concentration. Through completing different tasks and activities, it will help to build their perseverance.

Testimonials from satisfied parents

A friend recommended this to me and I think it is great to let both of my kids attend some entertainment enrichment after sending them to 6 others enrichment classes on other days. I also recommended my neighbor's kids to join the class too.

 I find the service excellent and the pricing very reasonable. The best part of it, they came over to our place, saving the hassle of travel.

- Parent of Marcus and Megan

Working in Government Sector

An excellent enrichment class in Singapore that includes edutainment in the lesson.


The instructor is encouraging and professional, patiently guiding my kid throughout the class. I could also see that the instructor was well-prepared with the relevant materials and the class was conducted in an orderly manner.

- Parent of Giselle

Director in a Fintech Company

We enrolled Estee in this program since she was in N2, together with my best friend's child. Through the program, Estee changed from a quiet child to one who is more vocal and outspoken.


She anticipates her weekly classes and always looks forward to sharing with us what she has learned. We love how the lessons are educational but at the same time fun and enjoyable for Estee!

- Parent of Estee

Self Employed Parent

Through hands-on activities, children will be exposed to projects outside of their school curriculum. They get to learn new skills and knowledge related to STEM/ STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. We aim to provide a variety of enriching activities that the children enjoy. One of the best enrichment classes for toddlers Singapore with aspect of edutainment.

Frequently asked questions

How does your enrichment class work?

Compared to a enrichment centre that provides enrichment classes at their venue, we will bring the enrichment classes to you! Our professional trainer will bring along all the necessary materials and conduct the classes at your homes.

How many children can join the class?

To make it a private and conducive session, our classes are recommend for 1 or 2 children. However, we can also take up to 6 children per session at additional costs.

What activities will be included in the enrichment classes?

To provide a holistic education for the children, we incorporated STEAM into our classes. The children will be exposed to a variety of different activities per class from the likes of Science experiements to art and craft workshops, and many more.

How long is each session?

Each session will be approximately 1.5 hours long with 3 to 5 activities included. If you are looking at having a sneak peek of how our enrichment classes work, you can book a 45 minutes trial with us!

When are your classes available?

Let us know your preferred date and timings and we will arrange accordingly! With the flexibility of private classes, we can arrange the classes to fit your schedule. Our most popular timings would be in the morning on the weekends.

Book an enrichment class Singapore with us!

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