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Types of Event Collateral

Event collateral is a touchpoint for the target audience to interact with the event. It is important that the various collaterals look similar to provide a consistent message to the audience which proves its reliability as well. Other than that, it is important to choose suitable collateral to use based on the intent of your event as well as the profile of the target audience. Here are some of the event collaterals that can be considered if you are planning to host an event!

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1. Event Banners

Event banners are usually large, and thus the texts are usually quite easy to read from a distance, achieving a good marketing effect. Furthermore, with one easy message to be portrayed on the event banner, it is made simple to be understood. JNR Entertainment can help you design and print beautiful event banners that are suitable for your events! The designs can be fully customised to suit your theme.

2. Flyers and Brochures

Flyers and brochures are very informative which allows the target audience to take note of important details such as date and location of the event.

3. Pens and Notepads

Pens and notepads are practical and useful which the target audience can use on a daily basis. This is an efficient use of event collaterals as they can act as a marketing tool as well, achieving additional marketing effects for your brand.

In conclusion, different event collaterals can achieve different effects and they are useful in their own ways. Choosing the right event collaterals can be easy as long as you understand their various uses and how they can be suited for your target audience. Feel free to speak to us at to find out how we can incorporate the different event collaterals for your event!

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