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Questions to Ask at a Venue Site Recce

At a venue site recce, there are some important questions to ask to understand if the venue can meet your needs and whether there are other precautionary measures to take. However, what are the right questions to ask? Here are some questions to help you out at your next site recce:

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1. Venue Capacity

By asking that, you will know about the extra space that they may offer which might be essential especially if you need space to accommodate extra stuff. Do remember to ask how many pax the venue can accommodate, especially due to the restrictions in place currently.

2. Points of Entrance and Exit

It is important to know the number of entrances and exit points, especially during this pandemic as there is a need to regulate the number of people going through each point. Furthermore, due to the precautionary measures to be taken, there is a need to block up some of the points to ensure that traffic is one-way.

3. Venue Schedule

There is a need to understand if there are other events that are taking place on the same day as you might not want to share the common space with competitors.

4. Restrictions

You may want to understand about the different decorations that can be hung up on the wall and whether there are any parts of the venues that need to be taken care of. This is to reduce any unnecessary damage and cost that needs to be paid after the event due to negligence.

5. Facilities on Site

Additionally, you may want to ask about the existing facilities that are provided on-site which you can leverage on. This will help you to save costs as well as think through how you can use them. For instance, look out for the AV system available at the ballrooms so you do not have to bring in your own system for your event.

In conclusion, choose a venue based on the profile of your audience and understand the venue as much as possible during your visit there. In need of any help in planning your event? Just contact us at to find out what we can offer!

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