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Common Mistakes When Hosting Virtual Events

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Due to the pandemic, most physical events are cancelled and are switched to virtual events. However, as most of us are new to this concept, there are mistakes that event organisers tend to overlook when they host virtual events. Take a look at the top 3 mistakes that most event organisers will commit when hosting a virtual event.

1. Overwhelming Content

As compared to physical events, there are more distractions that you cannot control when you host a virtual event. Such distractions include incoming emails, social media and games. This is made worse if the content that is being presented is not engaging enough for the audience. They will lose focus and it will be harder to reach your intended objective or outcome.

2. Inappropriate Virtual Meeting Platform

Virtual meeting platforms such as Zoom may not be the best platform for you to conduct your virtual event as you may have different needs that can only be fulfilled using different platforms. Not sure of what platform to use? Leave it to JNR Entertainment! We will help to suggest the different platforms and services that we provide which will certainly be beneficial for your virtual event!

3. Not Doing Follow-up

As compared to physical events, it is harder to collate feedback directly from the audience. Therefore, those who host may forget to do so after the event. What can you do regarding this problem? You can send a survey to request for feedback and a thank you email to express gratitude for their support.

To conclude, virtual events will be the new norm and most event organisers will have to find a way to successfully host them. At JNR Entertainment, we have digital services such as online event registration, event feedback management and virtual photo booth which will certainly help make your virtual event a successful one. Contact us now at to speak to our professionals!

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