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3 Easy Steps to Host a Kids Party

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Hosting a kids' party should be a fun process, where you take into elements that your child prefers and add them to the party itself. With everything planned carefully, it will definitely be a day to remember for all, especially the kids.

Looking to host a kids party but not sure of what to take note of? Fret not! Here are some essential factors that you have to pay attention to!

1. Food

What is a kids event without food? Provide some food for the kids and their families so that they can recharge themselves and go crazy with the activities in the event. At JNR Entertainment, we have various food live stations such as popcorn and candy floss station, ice cream cart rental, hotdog bun live station rental and even more! These snack stations will be a fun addition to your party, and will definitely be popular among the children. Watch as the popcorns pop, and how the sugar crystals can be magically transformed into a fluffy ball of candy floss!

If you are looking at main dishes or food stations that can fill you up, you can also consider our Savoury Mains Stations - which includes options such as Laksa, Mee Siam or even Burgers. These food stations will definitely suit the adults' palette and can keep them occupied while the children are playing with their pals.

2. Entertainment

Other than the food stations, one other essential activity that both adults and kids enjoy is games! It helps to break the ice and they can even win some prizes. For kids birthday parties, we can host a Games Session - which is a 20 to 25 minutes session that includes 2 to 3 games for the children to participate in.

You can also consider a Magic Show Performance, which will keep both the adults and children engaged and allow them to feel like a part of the magical journey! The amazing tricks by the professional magician will definitely keep the audience in awe.

At the same time, we also have various carnival game stalls rentals such as Lord Of The Ring, Save The Baby Shark, Alien Strike and even more! These Carnival Game Stalls are great add-ons for your party, and participants can play at their own time.

To make it simple for you, you can also check out our Kids Party Packages available, which will provide you with the entertainment and activities you need for your party! Due to the current situation, we have some packages suitable for 5-8 pax to keep your children safe while having fun! Who says you can not have fun during this period of time? 😉

3. Fringe Activities

Other than food and games, other fringe activities and services are also important! It helps to lift up the mood and for those who may not enjoy the games, they can still enjoy the various services provided and even bring home some gifts!

The various activities that you can look at include balloon sculpting, bouncy castles and instant print photo booth. With activities like balloon sculpting and photo booth, guests are able to bring back a memento with them after the party. They can look at the photos printed time and again, and be reminded of the wonderful day they have spent at the party.

To sum up, these are the 3 important factors to take note of when you are hosting a kids party. Need help with planning? Contact us at to speak to us about your plan in mind!

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