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2021 singapore Online Virtual Enrichment Classes for toddlers kids tuitions class online Home-based Learning Enrichment

Virtual online enrichment classes taught by our professional trainers in Junior Enrichment. With a well-planned curriculum that covers the different aspects of STEM + Art/ STEAM, we guarantee that your kids will be educated and entertained at the same time! With the online enrichment classes, rest assured that home-based learning can be conducted easily and efficiently at the comfort of your own venue. Online STEM classes and virtual enrichment activities for your children. It will improve gross motor skills for toddlers and home-base learning of all different type of STEAM enrichment topic too.

Finding ways to teach your kids at home?

Don't know what your kids' interests and hobbies are?

Not sure of what to do during the weekends?

Finding a balance of Educational & Fun Childhood for kids?

Why not consider our enrichment classes which will provide your kids with fun learning activities! Our enrichment lessons come with a variety of STEM+Art STEAM activities that will allow your children to explore their different interests in our online enrichment class.


Online Enrichment Class & Virtual Curriculars

With home-based learning being the norm currently, we have also decided to go online for our enrichment classes!


Personal Growth Activities


We aim to provide a different assortment of STEM + Art/ STEAM activities for children aged 3 - 8 years old. The different activities will help to develop your child's knowledge in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

Get hands-on with science experiments or even coding classes that are suitable for your children!

Interesting Kids Enrichment Activities


Fun and interesting STEM + Art/ STEAM enrichment activities that will help to develop your children's abilities. While encouraging them to learn, we also want your children to have fun!


Our edutainment activities and programmes are specially planned and curated to be fun and entertaining for the targeted age group.

Holistic kids Learning Activities


Apart from the everyday school curriculum, our STEM + Art/ STEAM enrichment activities provide a holistic education for your toddlers. Your children will be exposed to multi-sensory educational lessons which help to stimulate their brain development.


The different hands-on activities will also help to nurture them into creative and inquisitive children.

Group Activity/ Individual Learning


Our enrichment classes offer the option of private classes or group learning (up to 8 pax). Starting from one pax, we can start a class to provide private one-to-one guidance.

If you are a family with 2 or 3 children, it will be the perfect opportunity for the siblings to learn and play together through our enrichment activities.

Virtual Conference

Singapore Online Enrichment Classes for kids learning 

To cater to home-based learning, we are offering virtual enrichment classes that are suitable for your toddlers and children. Your children will get to participate in fun and interactive lessons that will help them explore their different interests and hobbies. With the enrichment classes being held online, you do not have to worry about the limits of social gathering or even travelling out of your homes. Our online virtual enrichment classes are 100% virtual to allow your child to learn in the safest environment of their own homes.


With a focus on edutainment, the toddlers will get the opportunity to explore different interests in Science, Technology, Art, and many other beneficial topics while at the same time having fun! Our experienced facilitators are able to make learning fun and enjoyable for the children while teaching them new skills and knowledge.

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Why us?

Experience and Expertise

With over 10 years of experience in the industry and over 5000 events organised, rest assured that we know what to do and can meet your requirements!



We are proud to be the winner of several awards including Spirit of Enterprise and Singapore Young Entrepreneurs Award.



JNR offers a huge range of services and we promise to provide you with the trusted and quality services you need.



Our dedicated team will get back to your enquiries within 24 hours. If you require urgent assistance, do give us a call to reach us!

Testimonials from satisfied parents

A friend recommended this to me and I think it is great to let both of my kids attend some entertainment enrichment after sending them to 6 others enrichment classes on other days. I also recommended my neighbor's kids to join the class too.

 I find the service excellent and the pricing very reasonable. The best part of it, they came over to our place, saving the hassle of travel.

- Parent of Marcus and Megan

Working in Government Sector

An excellent enrichment class in Singapore that includes edutainment in the lesson.


The instructor is encouraging and professional, patiently guiding my kid throughout the class. I could also see that the instructor was well-prepared with the relevant materials and the class was conducted in an orderly manner.

- Parent of Giselle

Director in a Fintech Company

We enrolled Estee in this program since she was in N2, together with my best friend's child. Through the program, Estee changed from a quiet child to one who is more vocal and outspoken.


She anticipates her weekly classes and always looks forward to sharing with us what she has learned. We love how the lessons are educational but at the same time fun and enjoyable for Estee!

- Parent of Estee

Self Employed Parent


Book a Meeting!

Book a free Zoom meeting with our trainer to find out more about the Home-based Learning online enrichment programme for your kids!

S.T.E.A.M. Enrichment Programmes online for toddlers

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math

Range of activities that will cover all aspects of STEAM. Different types of STEAM activities will be conducted throughout the programme to allow the children to be exposed to a variety of different skills and knowledge.


A series of fun science experiments will be conducted to teach the children the basics of Physics and Chemistry. Examples such as DIY Lava Lamp, Water Cycle in a Bag, Ice Cube Experiment, etc.


Basic coding lessons to learn coding commands, learning to programme your own robot, etc will be taught during our lessons.


Hands-on activities to learn how to create your own robots and machines! LEGO and robotics program will be introduced to improve your child's creative minds.


We have a wide range of art and craft lessons such as learning how to create your own handicraft pieces, canvas painting, and many more. Apart from art and craft, we also have music and even acting classes for your kids.


To expose your toddlers to math activities at a young age, we will introduce them to simple and fun activities such as recognising patterns, sorting seashells, simple card games, etc.

Schedule a Zoom meeting with us to find out more!

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