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Pre-recorded VS Live Session

Virtual events can be done via a live streaming session in real-time, or through pre-recorded content that is played back during the event day. There are various pros and cons for each respective way of doing a virtual event, and below are some of the pros and cons of doing a live streaming session.

pre recorded sessions live sessions live streaming event

Pros of Live Session

1. Level of Engagement

Live sessions allow speakers to engage with the audience through means such as Q&A sessions and jokes. Furthermore, the audience also gets to interact with one another, leading to networking which is preferred for the business industry. For pre-recorded sessions, it is hard for the speakers to engage with the audience as they are not able to see them and gauge how they will react.

2. Time Period

One concern would be the time period that the live session will take place. Some information will change according to the time period and it is essential to make sure that the content presented is applicable during that period. For live sessions, it is easier to ensure that the content is up to date.

3. Minimal Work Before Event

For live sessions, there is not much editing or recording to do before the event as compared to a pre-recorded session where the video has to be edited before it is published.

Cons of Live Session

1. Quality Issues

During live sessions, last-minute problems may happen which cannot be controlled such as the quality of audio and video. There are also many factors to take note of such as the location as well as the attendance of the speaker and attendees.

2. Post Event

In view of this pandemic, there are many live sessions that are recorded which allows the audience to view the video after the event. In this case, there is much editing to do and this will add to the time spent during the live session.

To conclude, there is no right or wrong between a live session and pre-recorded session and its suitability is based on the event. There are various factors to take note of such as the location, number of attendees, and needs of the audience. Need any help with your event? Feel free to contact us at to seek our professionals!

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