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Ideas for Corporate Family Day

By organizing a Corporate Family Day, it says a great deal about you and your organization. It shows that you really value your workers and care about their families as well. This reduces worker stress, leading to a higher quality work being produced. Here are some ideas that will make the perfect Corporate Family Day!

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1. BBQ Food Stations

The most ideal approach to guarantee everybody’s satisfaction is by facilitating a BBQ with different stations serving different kinds of food. This way, everyone is able to enjoy the kind of food that they prefer. A BBQ session also allows for greater interaction between you and your colleagues, as you get to enjoy the delicious food while engaging in conversations.

2. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt is a good activity to get everyone working together and interacting with each other. It gives participants a shared objective that encourages them to start conversations with each other. This will clearly require some planning as there is a need to make sure the activity is thrilling and engaging enough without making it too hard as you would not want it to delay too long.

Too many things to plan and don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! Leave it to JNR Entertainment as we are able to help you plan out an exciting scavenger hunt or amazing race.

3. Stations Games

With various stations games in place, it will certainly be a hit amongst the adults and their children as the games are able to cater to their different interests. Furthermore, there are many different ideas for such station games and the choices are endless! Engage JNR Entertainment to plan out the different station game booths and speak to us to find out more about our different offerings!

We can even provide you with our colourful and eye-catching Inflatable Obstacle Challenge, which will certainly be the attraction of your event! These large inflatables will add excitement to your next event and provide lots of fun for you and your guests! From inflatable obstacle course to huge inflatable games, there's something for everyone! Our huge inflatable games are most popular at Family Days where everyone can gather together and sweat it out while having fun!

4. Laser Tag

Want to get your adrenaline pumping? You can choose to participate in laser tag! With various equipment to use for laser tag, safety is ensured. Work in a team to achieve as many points as possible and earn various prizes! A great team bonding activity that is suitable for all ages.

5. Sports Games

To advocate a healthy lifestyle among your workers, you can choose different sports games for people with different interests. There are many team sports such as badminton and basketball which are safe to enjoy. Furthermore, you can adjust the intensity of the game to cater to younger children so that both adults and children are able to enjoy the game.

In conclusion, Corporate Family Day is important as there is a need to ensure that your workers’ mental and physical health is taken care of. If you require help from a professional, feel free to contact us at!

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