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Corporate Roadshow Events

JNR Entertainment provides logistics management and the fabrication and installation of equipment to make your upcoming roadshow a successful one! From the fabrication of pop up counters and promotion counters to the rental of roadshow equipment such as queue poles and tables and chairs, we can cover all aspects of your roadshow logistics! Other than the logistics requirements, we also provide roadshow services such as eloquent emcees and fringe activities to attract crowds to your roadshow! Drop us an email with your roadshow requirements and we will come up with the best plan for you!



Roadshows allow sales to move beyond the traditional phone calls and emails to creating face-to-face relationships with potential customers. With roadshows, it allows you to showcase your products and your sales executives are able to pitch clearly and confidently. With such brand activations, it allows you to reach out to a greater audience as well, increasing your brand awareness.

At JNR, we help you create your best roadshow yet with our logistics service management and fabrication of equipment. Be it the display, talent or entertainment activities, we provide the one-stop service for your roadshow!

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event management

No idea where to begin? Simply let us know your requirement and budget and we can plan something out for you!

From as simple as recruiting a talent or mascot to help you attract the crowd and increase your brand exposure, to full-scale management of the roadshow, JNR is the right place to go to.

We provide a variety of services suitable for your roadshows including - fabrication and installation of carpet, system panels, banners, counter booths, etc., to the provision of professional services such as photographer and emcee and not to forget, entertainment such as carnival games or balloon sculptor! We have everything that you require to spice up your roadshow!

logistics & storage rental

We understand that displays are the most important part of any roadshow. However, not all companies have their own storage space to keep their logistics for future event uses.

At JNR, we provide the storage of your logistics at a low cost. Be it a counter booth or exhibition panels, we can help you store your logistics in a professional and safe manner.


The storage of your logistics will also include the transportation, set-up and teardown for your event. Leave this to our professional team and we guarantee to make your event a successful one. 

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logistics rental table storage cabinets roadshow logistics



We provide the rental of roadshow furniture such as tables, storage cabinets, display counters and information counter booths. Accessories like queue poles, easel stands, signage stands and iPad stands are also available! Besides these logistics, we provide the rental of Audio Visual Lighting equipment such as a sound system, which is essential for any roadshow.

design print backdrop banner display flyers

design and


The design and printing of roadshow collaterals such as banners, display signages, flyers, backdrops and other materials can also be done with JNR. We are an integrated solution to your roadshow marketing needs and will help you take care of your roadshow from the start to finish!

setup teardown storage roadshow logistics

set-up, teardown, storage rental

Leave it to our team to do the set-up, installation and tear down for you! From the storage and transportation of your logistics to the setting up and installation of carpet and backdrop, we are capable of handling your event logistics.

professional roadshow services photographers emcees



Troubling over how to recruit your emcee, photographer or videographer? Entrust your roadshow with our professional emcee, specialised in engaging crowds. Our experienced photographer will also ensure that the best moments are captured at your event.

roadshow entertainment fringe activity art & craft booth

entertainment and fringe activities

Our interactive and fun fringe activities will definitely help to capture the attention of the audience. From activities such as Balloon Sculpting and Art & Craft stations to the rental of our arcade equipment such as the Claw Machine and Arcade Video Game, there will be something that can draw your attention!

satisfied clients

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The best roadshow event company!

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