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art & craft workshops

Get hands-on with us! With a variety of art and craft workshops to choose from, there will be one that can cater to your event. Our workshops are suitable for private birthday parties, corporate events, and public events! The workshops are suitable for the young and old and everyone can bring home a memento with them after they are done!

Just drop us an email with your specifications and we can give you a free quotation with no obligation!

Themed workshops:

Bottled Sand Art Workshop

Add layers and layers of different coloured sand and create your own colourful masterpiece in a bottle!

Coaster Making Workshop

Make your own lovely coaster which is a beautiful accessory on the table!

DIY Candle Workshop

A therapeutic workshop, unwind and customise your own candle to your preference!

Egg Painting Workshop

Decorate and paint your own egg which is perfect for Easter!

Felt Cloth Keychain Workshop

Learn how to make small animals out of felt and have yourself a cute handmade keychain!

Jewellery Making Workshop

Learn the basics of jewellery making and create your own DIY bracelets!

Robot Car Workshop

Vroom, vroom! Make your own 3D moving car!

Shrink Art Keychain Workshop

Design a masterpiece and transform it into a shrink art keychain that is uniquely yours!

Tile Art Painting Workshop

Unleash your creativity and paint the tiles the way you like; which you can use as a coaster later too!

Canvas Painting Station

Have a art jamming session and create your own beautiful canvas art work!

Colouring Station

Fun and easy activity suitable for the younger children!

DIY Cookie Jar Workshop

Express your creativity as you decorate the cookie jar and give it to your loved one!

Felt Bag Making Workshop

DIY your own mini bag out of felt cloth - it may just be the next IN thing to bring out for your lunch!

Felt Hat Workshop

Customise and make your own cute hat which you can flaunt in style!

Masquerade Party

Design and create a unique face mask which can also double up as a Halloween prop!

Sand Art Station

Peel off the paper coverings and sprinkle on sand to create your own fun designs!

Slime Making Workshop

Create your own colourful slime and you can bring it home with you to play!

Windchime Making Workshop

The soothing and uplifting sounds of the windchime is a perfect fit for your balcony or room!

Catch Your Dream Workshop

Make your own dreamcatcher and bring it home to catch the bad dreams!

Creative Robot Workshop

Transform and personalise the 2-D robots to your dream ones!

DIY Flower Bouquet Workshop

Learn how to make flowers and assemble your own flower bouquet that you can give to your loved ones!

Felt Basket Making Workshop

The perfect storage solution that you can make on your own!

Foam Art Station

Fill in the colours as you like to create your own beautiful masterpiece!

Pyssla Bead Workshop

Create your own colouful and unique pyssla bead keychain or coaster!

Scratch Art Station

Scratch the black surface of the paper to reveal the rainbow colours underneath!

Sponge Painting Workshop

Think out-of-the-box and use a sponge to create a beautiful array of art pieces!

Wool Animal Making Workshop

Transform masses of wool into cute soft sculpture animals! 

traditional workshops

Get some hands-on action with our traditional art and craft workshops! From the likes of Chinese Rattle Drum making to Lantern making, these activities will allow your kids to create their own masterpieces and bring them home as a souvenir!

Trad Workshops
Chinese Rattle Drum Workshop

Personalise one of the most traditional toys in China and have your own unique Chinese rattle drum!

Friendship Bracelet Workshop

Make your own colourful friendship bracelet and give it to your best friend!

DIY Paddle Ball Workshop

Personalise your own paddle! Try to break your score by hitting as many times as possible!

Lantern Making Workshop

Create a unique lantern of yours which is perfect for the Mid Autumn season!

Fan Painting Workshop

Customise your personal fan that can keep you cool in the heat!

Traditional Chinese Knot Workshop

Learn how to make a Chinese knot that can be used as a decoration, gift, and adornments on clothes!

sustainable workshops

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle... CREATE! Reduce waste by making use of recycled materials for these art & craft activities! With some creativity and innovation, you can also turn items such as pebbles and pipe cleaner into beautiful and stylish art pieces!

Sustainable Workshops
3D Pop Up Card Workshop

Make a creative 3D pop up card which is sure to impress everyone!

Origami Making Workshop

Learn to fold different animals and flowers using the origami paper!

Pinwheel Making Workshop

Make a colourful paper pinwheel which is suitable for the breezy days!

Bookmark Making Workshop

Give your bookmark a personal touch and craft it to your own liking!

Pebble Art Painting Workshop

Turn these little pebbles into pieces of art!

Pipe Cleaner Craft Workshop

Let your creativity flow and learn to sculpt things such as animals, flowers and rings!

Door Hanger Making Workshop

Mark your territory with your own personalised door hanger!

Photoframe Making Workshop

Freshen up a wooden frame and customise it to your own preference!

Totebag Painting Workshop

Paint and decorate your own one-of-a-kind tote bag that you can bring out to flaunt!

Other fun art & craft workshops

  • Suncatcher Keychain

  • Ketupat Keychain

  • Fun Glass Marble Magnet

  • Fun Jelly Candle Cup Making

  • Peg Twisting Art

  • Door Tag Making

  • Origami Making

  • Batik Painting on Fan

  • Peg Twisting Art

  • Rainbow Loom Band 

  • Golden Stone Chinese Blessing Painting

  • Jumping Clay Workshop

  • Garland Making Workshop

  • Button Art Workshop

  • Sun Visor Craft Making Workshop

  • Shuttlecock Making Workshop

  • Kirigami Workshop

  • Seashell Painting

  • Grasshopper Making Workshop

  • Windmill Workshop

  • Kite Making Workshop

  • Badge Painting Mask

We also provide customised workshops to suit your parties and events!

Customised workshops such as festive art & craft sessions for Chinese New Year, Mid Autumn Festival, etc!

art and craft workshop customised sesasonal virtual workshop

interested in our Art & Craft Workshops?

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