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2024 Audio Visual Lighting Rental Singapore led video wall rental

Sound System AV | LED Video Wall Rental | Event Lighting

Audio Visual Lighting equipment available for rental! We have a range of PA sound systems, LED walls, projectors, and stage lightings available; perfect for your indoor and outdoor events! Our professional AVL equipment is able to support all your corporate events and exhibitions! From individual equipment rental to full professional package, we are the preferred AVL rental service in Singapore.  We have one of the latest best LED video wall with interactive functions for rental.

Just drop us an email with your AVL specifications and we can give you a free quotation with no obligation!

audio equipment

audio equipment rental audio sound system
audio sound system rental singapore
Audio Sound System Rental
  • 1x DJ Console

  • 2x Professional Speakers (depending on your venue size, more speakers can be provided)

  • 1x 12 Channel Mixer Board

  • 1x Amplifier

  • 1x CD Player

  • 2x Wireless Mic


Dependent on requirements and type of equipment

audio sound system corporate event dnd
Sound System for
Dinner and Dance

Sound system for your corporate Dinner and Dance and Gala Dinner! Suitable for use in hotel ballrooms.

Quantity in multiples of 2.


Dependent on requirements and type of equipment

line array sound system rental
Line Array Sound System Rental

Line Array Sound System with subwoofer can create a clear and unique sound projection for your event, that will definitely impress your guests!


Dependent on requirements 

sound system rental outdoor event getai party
Sound System for
Getai/ Party Club

Turn your venue into a 'party club' with our sound system and lighting effect rental! We have also supported large-scale outdoor Getai events before!


Dependent on requirements and type of equipment

visual equipment

visual equipment led wall backdrop rental
led video wall backdrop outdoor event
LED Video Wall Backdrop Rental

LED video wall available for rental for your indoor or outdoor events. With our high-resolution displays, bring across your content/ message in the best way possible. Our waterproof outdoor LED wall makes it suitable for all sorts of weather conditions.

Content can go up to 100m² per set of LED wall 


Charges per m²

Rates vary per quantity

3m x 2m

4m x 2.5m

5m x 3m

6m x 3m

7m x 4m

12m x 4m

full led wall backdrop rental
LED Video Wall Installation and Sale

Looking for long-term installation of LED walls? We have a wide range of indoor and outdoor LED wall and display panels for installation and sale.


Let us know your requirements and we can help you with the installation!


Charges per m²

Rates vary per quantity

live feed video streaming live video
Live Feed Video Rental

Live feed videographer with live feed video streaming available! Perfect at large venues where live video can be viewed on the screens.


Dependent on requirements

Projector and Screen Rental

Projector from 3000-120000 lumens

Screen Sizes:

  • 6ft x 8ft Screen

  • 4m x 3m screen

  • 6m x 3m Screen

  • 10m Inflatable Screen


Dependent on requirements

movie screening package screen projector speaker
Party Movie Screening Package
  • 2m wide screen (100" diagonal)

  • 3000 lumens projector

  • 2 speaker sound system

  • Suitable for 50-200 pax

  • Rental with 1 sound tech



movie screening package screen projector speaker
Movie Screening Package (below 500 pax)
  • 4m x 3m projector screen 

  • 3000-5000 lumens projector

  • 4 speaker sound system 

  • Suitable for 200-400 pax

  • Rental up to 4 hours



movie screening package screen projector speaker
Movie Screening Package (500-800pax)

    6m x 3-3.5m projector screen

  • 5.75m x 2.5m LED wall

  • More than 5000 lumens projector

  • 6 speaker sound system

  • Suitable for 400-800 pax



movie screening package screen projector speaker
Inflatable Movie Screening Package
  • 11m x 7m inflatable screen

  • 10000 lumens projector

  • Sound system

  • Suitable for 1000-5000 pax



All prices exclude movie licenses and gen cost.



stage lighting rental lighting system
moving head lighting rental
Moving Head Lighting Rental

Moving head rental with programmer for all sorts of events - Dinner and Dance, Gala Dinner, Getai, outdoor concert


Dependent on requirements

truss lighting system rental standing truss light
Truss Lighting System Rental

​Range of standing truss lighting system available for rent! Commonly seen in concert venues and stages!


Dependent on requirements

par can lighting t stand stage lighting
Par Can Lighting on T-Stand Rental

Strobe par can stage lighting effect! Portable and adjustable T-stand suitable for your events!


Dependent on requirements

We can provide complete audiovisual & technical support!

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