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About JNR Entertainment

JNR Entertainment Pte Ltd is Singapore’s leading entertainment and event management company specialising in injecting fun to everyone’s lives!

Incorporated in 2013, JNR Entertainment started out with providing entertaining kids magic shows and services such as balloon sculpting and face painting. Over the years, we became involved in the execution of numerous indoor and outdoor events in Singapore, including corporate events like Family Days and Dinner and Dances, and community celebrations around the island. We have amassed most of our event equipment in-house to provide better value for our customers; making it affordable and value for money! JNR has been appointed as the Event Company for Provision of Event Management Services to Whole of Government of Singapore starting December 2022!

JNR Entertainment is here to help you make your event the best one yet, ensuring that all your events are the most amazing experience for you!

Our goal for corporate events is to provide full-scale event management with our integrated in-house entertainment services & equipment rental.

JNR, as a Top Event Company in Singapore, provides full-scale event management from conceptualisation of the event, to program flow planning, logistics coordination as well as actual day execution. We ensure the highest level of entertainment for you and your colleagues, assured to make the event a day to remember.


As an experienced and reliable event management company and event organiser, we would like to invite you to sit back, relax, and let us handle the whole event for you!

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Our goal in kid's birthday party is to create an unforgettable celebration for you and your child.

Creating the perfect kids' birthday party for your little one's special day can sometimes be an overwhelming and stress-filled task.


As one of Singapore's Best Kids Party Planner, we aim to alleviate the hours of shopping, planning, and organising a kids birthday party for the parents. We provide a huge variety of kids entertainment and activities, sure to leave a lasting memory for you and your child!

Sustainability – Protecting the planet for future generations.

The three R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – are important rules that we follow to help to eliminate the amount of waste we throw away.

  • REDUCE – In 2014, we took up the initiative to go paperless and using accounting software to issued electronic quotations and invoices instead. Since then, we saw almost a 50% drop in paper usage in our office!

  • REUSE – We have created our very own synthetic material polypropylene bags! These bags are for event usage which will be reused for our client’s events instead of paper/plastic bags.

  • RECYCLE – In 2019, we introduced new sustainability workshops categories such as Photoframe Making, Carton Pouch and Plastic Bottle holder which contributes to our recycling campaigns and at the same time teach the younger generation on the beauty of recycling.

Recycling Bottles
Biodegradable Utensils.png
  1. We propose compostable and biodegradable utensils.

  2. We phase out plastic straws usage in events

  3. We do not use plastic water bottles at all in our events

  4. We developed sustainability games to recycle products and promote recycling in events

  5. We utilize local woods from brought down trees in Singapore for fabrication.

  6. We redesign crates and pallets for props and decors.

  7. We provide bins for waste sorting at event space.

  8. We work with responsible and sustainable suppliers.


Worldwide environmental change is here and it is occurring now. The shafts are liquefying, icy masses contracting, and downpour designs changing are altogether the manifestations of environment changes. JNR effectively has an impact to add to the planet's sustainability and here are a portion of our endeavors to relieve carbon impression. 

  • Brilliant planning of delivery routes by our operations team to save fuel usage and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • By utilizing LED lightings in our office, we conserve energy by using less energy.

  • Providing employees with reusable mugs instead of paper or plastic cups.

  • Providing all employees with metal straws instead using plastic draws.

  • All our appliances are energy-star approved!

  • We turn office-used paper into notepads for draft works.

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