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Muah Chee Live Station Rental

Muah Chee, which can also be known as the Chinese version of mochi, is a tasty glutinous rice snack coated with a generous amount of sugar and peanut. This crowd-favourite pasar malam snack is loved and enjoyed by many due to its complementary crunchy and chewy texture.

Muah Chee Live Station

Try our sweet and chewy peanut muah chee (or glutinous rice balls), which is a crowd favourite! Opt for the healthier option by choosing to have less sugar added to your muah chee.

Muah Chee Rental:

1 Hr - $280

2 Hrs - $350

3 Hrs - $450

4 Hrs - $600

Sub Hr - $150/H


Inclusive of 1 operator, delivery and free flow of muah chee

Muah Chee Rental Live Station Catering​

Our Carnival Food Stalls Rental

nea certified jnr entertainment food handlers

NEA Certified food handlers

Food handlers are trained in food safety and hygiene

No Pork

No Lard

All ingredients used are Halal-certified

Cater to high volume guests

Order by pax instead of duration for 1000-5000 guests

Customisable Food Stall

Themed food stalls e.g. Christmas, Halloween

Logistics Requirement

Table and 13amp ppt required from client; rental of 2x4ft table at $20 / $30 with skirting

Biodegradable Utensils sustainable food stall jnr entertainment

Go green! Opt for biodegradable utensils for your live food stations!

Track Record for large scale catering of live food stations

  • Appointed event management company for Fraser Family Day 2018; served 3000pax with 10 live food stations

  • Main F&B contractor for LCR/Uber Family Day 2017; catering up to 4000pax

  • Served more than 6000 ice cream cones in a day on World Blood Donor Day 2016

  • Main F&B Contractor for New Balance RUN ON 2015; catering up to 4000pax

Get your Muah Chee Live Station!

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