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Balloon Decorations Singapore
Cheap & Organic Balloon Garland

Range of fun and colourful balloon decorations suitable for your birthday celebrations and all your joyous corporate events! The perfect event decor, sure to liven up the mood at any party! Our balloon decorations can also provide the perfect photo opportunity for you and your guests. Let us know if you have ideas in mind and we can try to make it possible!

cheap Balloon Decoration Package

Fuss-free balloon decoration packages which come with different types of balloon decorations to liven up your space! Be it simple helium balloons or eye-catching huge foil number/ alphabet balloons, these balloons will definitely brighten up the venue! Our balloon decoration packages are the perfect birthday set up for your indoor birthday celebrations!

Balloon Decoration Package Promotion
Basic Balloon Package

2x Balloon Bouquet (8 pcs + 2x 18" Foil Star)

1x 40" Foil Number



$59.70 Self-collection

Additional $30 for delivery


*Top up $22 (U.P. $28) for additional 40" Foil Number

Best Valued Balloon Package

2x Balloon Bouquet (5 pcs)

1x Foil Specialty (up to 40")

2x 18" Foil Star/ Heart

2x 40" Foil Number


$97 Self-collection

Additional $30 for delivery

star foil balloon.jpg
Deluxe Balloon Package

1x Helium Foil Specialty (up to 40") or 16" Foil Letters (up to 8 pcs)

4x 18" Helium Foil Star

4x 18" Helium Foil Heart

2x 40" Foil Number

30x Loose Helium Balloons


$188 with free delivery

balloon decoration package organic arch
Upsized Balloon Package

1x 2-Colours Organic Balloon Arch

2x 2-Colours Balloon Column with 2x 40" Foil Number



$488 with free delivery

*Customise PVC Banner w Portable Stand Rental 8x8ft


standard deco package Balloon Deco Singapore birthday party
Standard Decoration Package

1x Single Balloon Arch

2x Balloon Bouquet (5 pcs)

25x Loose Helium Balloons

Assorted Colours



$188 with free delivery

Decoration Balloon Coloums advance decoration package birthday party Balloon Deco Singapore
Advance Decoration Package

8x 40" Foil Number/Letters

2x Balloon Columns

5x Balloon Bouquet (5 pcs)

30x Loose Helium Balloon


$488 with free delivery

21st birthday balloon deco 21 foil balloon helium Balloon Deco Singapore
21st Birthday Decoration Package

2x 40" Foil Number (2&1)

30x Loose Helium Balloons


$128 with free delivery

advance 21st birthday party decoration package helium balloon deco singapore
Advance 21st Birthday Decoration Package

2x 40" Foil Number (2&1)

40x Loose Helium Balloons

5x Balloon Bouquet (7 pcs)



$250 with free delivery

Balloon Decoration

Photo 2-8-14 9 36 59 pm.jpg
Balloon Column

Balloon columns, also known as balloon tower or pillars, are perfect as decorations along a walkway.



$150-280 for a pair of columns

Balloon Bouquet Balloon Deco Singapore
Balloon Bouquet

From plain helium balloon bouquets to fancier ones with additional foil balloons, these balloon bouquets will add colour to your event! They can also be used as centrepieces on tables.


From $15-35 per set

Balloon Drop Balloon Deco Singapore
Balloon Drop

Fill a net with air-inflated balloons and release them from a height to create the perfect balloon drop effect!

From $450 onwards for 250x 12" balloons

(non-peak period)

Standard Balloon Arch

Create a fun balloon entrance with our balloon arch!

From $300 onwards

(Standard Arch)

Advance Arch from $450

Standard Size –

approx 2.5m by 2.5m
Large –  approx 4m by 3m
Extra Large –

approx 5m by 3.5m

Customised Balloon Arch

Customise the arch to your theme - some popular themes include Under The Sea, Halloween and Sports. You can also add foil alphabet balloons to form words on your arch.

From $350 onwards

Customised Balloon Column

Decorative balloon columns which can be customised to suit your theme. Simply let us know your requirements and we will turn your dream into a reality!

From $350-500 for a pair of columns

Single Balloon Arch Balloon Deco Singapore
Single Balloon Arch

Create a simple but fun entrance arch with our helium-filled 'LOL' balloons!

From $120 onwards depending on size

Helium Balloon Arch Balloon Deco Singapore
Helium Balloon Arch

A premium entrance arch made using helium balloons. This helium balloon arch can go up to 6m in length, which makes for a grand decoration!

From $600 onwards

Loose Helium Balloon Balloon Deco Singapore
Loose Helium Balloons

12" latex loose helium balloons in assorted colours.



PROMO: $2.50/balloon

Minimum 50 balloons

40" Foil Balloon with Helium Balloon Deco Singapore
40" Foil Balloon with Helium

40" Foil Number 0-9

40" Foil Letter A-Z

Silver/ Gold




animal pet balloons air walker balloon deco singapore
Animal Air Walker Balloon

Cute animal air walker balloons popular among the kids!


$200 for 20x Air Walker

$288 for 30x Air Walker

Free delivery

customised latex balloon printing Balloon Deco Singapore
Customised Latex Balloon Printing

1 colour latex balloon printing. Do provide us with the design in PSD/ AI file.



$225 for 100pcs

$300 for 500pcs

^Delivery charge of $30 applies for orders below $100

Party balloon decorations!

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