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2024 Carnival games rental & arcade rental

The best Carnival Game Rental in Singapore! We have a wide selection of carnival games and arcade games available for rental - Basketball Arcade Machine, Electronic Hammer High Striker, Claw Machine, and many more! Create a carnival-themed birthday party or event with the carnival games stalls provided at JNR Entertainment! We are well equipped with all in-house equipment and game booths for rental! 

Carnival Game Stalls Rental

Range of traditional funfair carnival game stalls that come in portable wooden boxes! We have a huge variety of game stalls with some of the more popular ones being Can Toss, Coin Toss, Lord of the Ring and we also provide retro-themed carnival game stalls! Customisation of these game stalls is also available; simply let us know your requirements!

2024 Carnival Game Stall Rental Rates:

3 Game Stalls at $350

5 Game Stalls at $450

10 Game Stalls $800 

Sub carnival game stall $100.

*Price excludes manpower, prizes & table

*NEW* Carnival Game Stalls:

Coin Toss, Egg Toss, Feed the Fish, Feed the Clown, Fisherman, Monkey Banana, Save Baby Shark

Retro Carnival Game Stalls

Retro Carnival Game Stalls:

Retro Country Rubber, Retro Five Stone, Retro Marble Goli, Retro Pick Up Sticks, Retro Chapteh, Retro Twister, Retro Uno Stacko

Retro XL Games available as well!

Premium Carnival Game Stalls

Our Premium Carnival Game Stalls come with a visually appealing digital print backdrop and professional black tabletop wooden case.

(Excludes self-standing backdrop as shown in the image which comes at additional cost)

Premium Carnival Game Stalls:

Clown Dart Premium Game, Colour Match Premium Game, Can Toss Premium Game, Sharp Shooter Premium Game, Lord of the Ring Premium Game, Tic Tac Toe Premium Game, Mini Basketball Premium Game, Stand a Bottle Premium Game

Premium Carnival Game Stall Rental:

Full 8 Premium Carnival Game Stalls - $850^