Lighted Balloon Stand Rental

(Giant Advertising Helium Lighted Balloon Rental  & LED Ball Rent)

You can make your brands stand out by having a LIGHTED BALLOON STAND RENTAL in your event. With our professional lighted balloon stand rental, you can turn any venue into an eye-catching spot. Cheap and affordable lighted balloon available for rent!

Lighted Balloon Rental

Rental of Professional Lighted Balloon Stand with Customised Logo

1.2m Lighted Balloon Tripod Stand Rental - $550/piece, Sub Day $50
PROMO: 2x 1.2m Lighted Balloon Rental $888/day, Sub Day $100

1.5m Lighted Balloon Tripod Stand Rental - $650/piece, $1200/2 pieces

2m Lighted Balloon Tripod Stand Rental - $888/piece
*Indoor and outdoor rental available with different costing

  • Up to 2-4m height & multi-color changing effect or 1 color static effect - INDOOR ONLY

  • FREE customised design die cut sticker on lighted balloon

  • 2-way delivery and set up for lighted balloon stand rental

  • LED Lighting

  • Portable & adjustable stand - up to 3m height and above (Different costing)

  • Economical Electric Consumption

Price is negotiable if you are looking 2 or more balloons per event or renting of lighted balloon for more than a month.

  • Price comes with complimentary custom stickers on balloon

  • Lead time 7 days in advance. Client is to provide us logo in AI format. Sized to min. 300dpi, actual size

  • Please provide 1x powerpoint per balloon light stand during rental period

  • Custom Digital Printing requires 3 weeks in advance after confirmation

  • Please note that we will collect back every equipment provided by us after the event. (including the custom printed balloon)

  • Price can be negotiated for ordering of 2 or more balloons

Lighted Advertising Giant Helium Balloon

Rental of Professional Giant Advertising Balloon with Customised Logo


2m Giant Advertisement Helium Balloon Rental $800/piece (1 tank included)

2.4m Giant Advertisement Helium Lighted Balloon Rental $1200/piece

3m Giant Advertisement Helium Lighted Balloon Rental $1288/piece (2 tanks included)
Rental up to 3 days FOC

  • TOP-UP HELIUM DAILY RATE AT $125/balloon

  • Indoor and outdoor rental available with different costing

  • FREE customised design sticker on Giant Advertisement Helium Lighted Balloon Rental

  • 2 Way delivery and set up for Giant Advertisement Helium Lighted Balloon Rental

  • Economical Electric Consumption

LED Balloon Ball Rental

Rental of Interactive LED Balloon Ball

1m LED Balloon Ball Rental 

PROMO: 4x 1m LED Balloon Ball - $800/day

  • 2x2ft customised logo sticker branding $80/ball

  • Interactive touchable to change color

  • LED Lighting Color Changing 

  • Light Art Decoration Space LED BALL 

  • Economical Electric Consumption

Interested in renting our lighted balloon?

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