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Types of Party Equipment Rental

Looking to get some services and rentals for your next event? JNR Entertainment is your one-stop solution for your event needs! Here are some party rentals that we are able to offer:

equipment rental bouncy castle tentage avl

Our bouncy castles are clean and safe, and are suitable for both outdoor and indoor usage. We have a variety of bouncy castles available that can suit your different themed parties - including Animals, Starry, Carousel and many more! Other than the Bouncy Castles, we also offer inflatable games rental which is a fun and exciting addition to your event! Rent our Human Gladiator Inflatable Game or XL Human Foosball Inflatable Game for a jolly fun time!

At JNR Entertainment, we offer various carnival game stalls which are suitable for both children and adults. Some of the more popular ones being Can Toss and Lord of the Ring! Wish to make customisation? Feel free to present your ideas to us and we can make it happen!

As one of the best tentage suppliers with the best rates, we offer various event logistics for rental as well! Some of our tentage rentals include Dome Tentage, Portable Tentage, accessories such as Rain Cover and many more. From tables and chairs to power cables and portable aircon rental, we have everything for you! We are proud to be one of the appointed vendors for People’s Association Demand Aggregation (DA) Tender – for the rental of tentage services and logistics, so rest assured that you are in good hands!

We have a range of sound systems and lightings available for rental! With the different equipment, we are able to provide for events of different scales. From a simple 2 speaker sound system set-up, to covering a large outdoor area with LED walls, speakers, and many more, we've got you covered. If you do require professional audio visual lighting equipment, feel free to look for JNR Entertainment! Just speak to us and we can give you a free quotation without obligation.

What is a party without food? We offer various food live stations, from popcorn and ice cream to muah chee and hotdog bun live station rental. Everyone loves a snack; with it being a live station, watching the food being prepared in front of you will definitely be an experience in itself!

Mascots are a really fun addition to any parties! With the unique mascots we have, I am sure we are able to match up to most of the parties’ themes. Kids will love this and you can help their favourite party character come to live! We are able to offer animals, cartoons and even festive mascots. Additionally, we are able to provide for talent and costume rental such as Superman, Spiderman and the ever-popular Elsa from Frozen.

Need help planning for your party and not sure what services to get for a perfect event? Contact us at to speak to our professionals!

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