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Top Team Building Activities

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

While it is important to focus on your company’s growth, it is also imperative to ensure that your employees are working well as a team during this pandemic. Working from home for some may make this nearly impossible, however, with the right team building activities, strong bonds can be created which improves team cohesion. Here are some of the top team building activities that your employees can participate in to create a stronger team!

top team building activity team bonding

1. Coffee Breaks

You can assign a short 15-minute break in between work where the team can join a video call through the team chat software. Through the 15-minutes talk, they are able to interact with each other through meaningful conversations formed, fostering a strong team relationship.

Alternatively, gift cards to a coffee shop can be distributed to all employees to encourage them to get on their feet and grab a cup of drink midday. This provides a little perk-me-up for all employees and will make them feel like they are valued. At the same time, it is also a reminder for them to take a break and move about instead of sitting in front of the computer the entire day.

2. Game Sessions

Through games, employees are able to interact in a more fun manner as compared to just simply having dull conversations between themselves which may not be meaningful. By engaging JNR Entertainment’s online teambuilding services, your gaming sessions will be even more successful with the help of our facilitators onboard.

We can help to host simple and fun game sessions for your employees to participate in. Games could be simple trivia quizzes, the 'Werewolf' game, or simple some icebreaker games that can help to keep employees engaged. Games would be conducted through a web conferencing platform, allowing all the participants to e-meet and communicate with one another.

3. Virtual Escape Room

For a more thrilling experience, you can consider our virtual escape room, which is able to cater to a larger group of people making it a suitable team-building activity. With the ability to connect many people at once, it is a powerful tool to forge meaningful bonds. How do you go about conducting a virtual escape room? Let JNR Entertainment help you! We have various themed escape rooms with different difficulty levels according to how you want! Just speak to us! 😊

Our Virtual Escape Room Experience allows teams to work together remotely to reach the end goal. They have to put on their thinking caps and discuss strategies and plans in order to 'escape the room'. Participants are able to experience the physical escape room experience from the comfort of their own homes.

4. Team Movie Night

Your team can also host a monthly team movie night which can be streamed through a video call. By opening up the shared chat function, everyone will be able to share responses and talk about the film which will spark meaningful conversations. Employees are able to bond over this experience that is more relaxing and laid back. It is the perfect activity for them to relax and participate in after work.

5. Virtual Performances

Virtual performances are suitable for most events and by appreciating some performances, it will achieve a similar effect to a team movie night. JNR Entertainment is able to cater to different themed performances, including a magic show, comedy show, customized 3D mapping show and even more! Feel free to speak to us to find out more about the different performances we have!

6. Virtual Workshops

Other than appreciating movies and performances, why not partake in some hands-on activities? There are various visual workshops that cater to different interests which will make it even more meaningful for your workers. They get to participate in the activities that interest them, making sure that everyone is enjoying themselves at the same time! No idea how to organize different virtual workshops at the same time? Let JNR Entertainment help you! We offer various virtual workshops such as popular fitness workshops or bubble tea making workshop!

To end off the event on a good note, you can engage our digital services such as the virtual photo booth to keep memories of the event! All in all, there are many different team building activities available that can be conducted online virtually. Even though it may seem like a daunting idea, rest assured that we can help you organise the best team building event!

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