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Reasons Why You Should Hire a Photo Booth

Be it a carnival day or corporate event, having a photo booth is crucial to record the memories everyone has on that special day. Photo booths are popular as a pre-event activity for Dinner and Dances, for weddings photo booths and photobooth for birthday parties. The photos or gifts are something worth looking back and reminiscing about. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of having a photo booth:

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1. Souvenir

With a photo booth set up, photos can be printed out in various forms such as bookmark strips, flipbook and many more! The participants are able to bring these photo mementos back as a souvenir with them after the event for lasting memories. With our Virtual Photo Booth, the digital copies of the photos can be downloaded and kept forever on their phones or computers. Be it a Physical Photo Booth or Virtual Photo Booth rental, the photos taken can definitely be kept as a memento or souvenir after the event.

2. Opportunity to mingle around

At an event, not everyone may know each other. With the photobooth, it gives them an opportunity to mingle around and take photos with people they may not know, which allows them to socialise and build connections. Who knows, a new friendship may be forged from this!

3. Entertainment

At photo booths, there are fun props provided such as wigs, photo frames or oversized eyeglasses. Participants are encouraged to use them and have fun with each other by portraying silly and funny poses. This will definitely be entertaining to an otherwise boring and formal event. With the huge selection of fun props, there will be something suitable for you! In addition, JNR also provides fun photobooth options such as our Boomerang/ GIF photo booth service, which is definitely more interactive and entertaining for the guests. Say no to boring pre-events, and keep your guests busy with the photo booth!

4. Promotional tool

Lastly, photos taken at the photo booth can help market the event, especially when the target audience shares their photos on social media platforms. With our Virtual Photo Booth, you can easily share the photos taken on different social media platforms with your friends. Apart from that, all our photo booth service comes with a customised photo booth frame template, which can be customised according to your event. We can include your event name and details in the template, which is a great way to market and promote your event!

All in all, having a photo booth will really enhance the company image and spice up the event a lot more while giving it a personal touch. At JNR Entertainment, we can help capture these precious moments. Talk to us now at to find out what we can offer!

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